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Our First Church Wedding Anniversary (Feb. 16, 2011)

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When I woke up in the morning, the day of our first church wedding anniversary, February 16, 2011… Khan was still lying in bed. I thought he was sleeping, but then he called me: “Yobo (honey), come here.” He pulled me towards him, and embraced me, gave me a kiss and said, “Happy first wedding anniversary”.

He picked me up from work, and sent me a text message telling me to hurry up. He doesn’t usually ask me that no matter how long it takes me to come out when he picks me up from work. With that, I knew he had planned something before coming to the hagwon (academy).

No flowers, no dinner reservation in a luxurious restaurant… but yes, he had prepared something and it was “special”.

After his work, though exhausted, he drove to Homeplus to buy our favorite cheese cake in Ashley, red wine and some goodies for me, and prepared everything for our simple celebration at home.
I was changing my clothes while he was setting the table for dinner. When I came out of the room, I had nothing much to do, because he prepared everything on the table. I opened the fridge to get more side dishes, and found the red wine he had bought earlier. He hid it there, thinking, maybe, that I wouldn’t open the fridge. When he saw that I found it, he ran to the fridge and said, “Ah! You found my secret!” (He knows I love sweet red wine.^^)

After dinner, my “good” ajubonim (brother~in~law), who was in the house with his fiancee, Ka Yong, washed the dishes for me, and told me to sit down so we could start the celebration.

 It was then that Khan came to the balcony to get the cake he was hiding from me. He gathered everything that needed to be set on the small table in the living room.

He opened the wine, lit up a single candle on the cake which he said meant one year, and asked me to blow the candle as if it were my first birthday. Ka Yong sang “Congratulations“, and the rest of the family were singing and clapping, too.

As I blew the candle, I thanked God for a year full of love and happiness in our married life. At times, Khan and I had challenges to face and differences to patch up, but we made it through. I know, “we” both know that we will always make it through anything, and that we will have more wedding anniversaries to celebrate because our love is a love that has no end, just beautiful beginnings.

Finally, he gave me his gift… a necklace with a tiny butterfly pendant flying around a ring. As I was opening the case, it felt like the first time he gave me a necklace on my birthday three years ago… when he came to the Philippines to tell me of his plan to marry me.

Ka Yong asked what the butterfly pendant means. Hubby said I like butterflies. I smiled: “He remembers.” I told him that once, and he remembers… and he remembered our anniversary just when I thought he had forgotten… and all the effort he put on remembering it and remembering things that would make me happy was what made our anniversary truly special.


One thought on “Our First Church Wedding Anniversary (Feb. 16, 2011)

  1. Excellent post. I used to be checking continuously this blog
    and I am inspired!Thanks and best of luck.


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