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Blame It on the Duck Meat

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He called his wife to say that he’d be having dinner outside with his colleagues.

Husband: Don’t worry. I’ll be home before 9… and I will not drink too much.

Wife: Can you come home earlier? I’m bored in the house. I have been sitting at the computer all afternoon.

Husband: Okay, I will come home around 8… or before 9.

Wife: Not 9… 8!

Husband: Okay, I will try.

Wife: No, don’t try… do it!

Husband: Okay… okay…

Wife: And don’t drink too much…

Husband: That’s what I said.

Wife: And can you bring me something to eat? I will not cook dinner anymore.

Husband: Okay, I will. See you later, ‘yobo’. I love you.

Wife: I love you, too. Be careful coming home. Bye.

The duck meat that started it all…

When he came home, he was bringing the ‘pasalubong‘. He excitedly unwrapped the plastic for her, thinking she would be happy because he brought one of her favorite food, but the wife didn’t look pleased.

Wife: What’s this?

Husband: It’s duck meat.

Wife: I waited for you to bring me dinner and you brought me this? It’s not cooked yet… how can I eat it?

Husband: Just boil it.

Wife: So I have to cook it and wait? I’m so hungry, you know.

Husband: What do you want to eat?

Wife: Nothing!!! (walks away)

She headed to the kitchen to look for something quick and easy to prepare and found some tomatoes and salad dressing in the fridge. “Aha! I’ll make oriental salad!” she thought to herself. While she was washing the tomatoes, her husband approached her.

Husband: Do you want me to cook the duck meat for you?

Wife: You don’t have to.

Husband: I will cook it for you.

Wife: Don’t bother. Just take a shower and go to bed.

Husband: What do you want to eat?

Wife: I said nothing.

Husband: Tell me, what do you want to…?

Wife: (Looks at him as if she was going to drop an anvil on his head) Don’t ask me again.

He left shaking his head. She went on preparing the salad.

While she was boiling some eggs, he was busy looking up the food catalogue.

When the salad was ready, he had finished taking a shower and was ready to go to bed.

She could smell his after~shave on his skin. How she loves his scent after shower. She wanted to move closer to him… but she’s the kind of person whose pride is as lofty as the Eiffel Tower, so she waited for him to make the first move… and he did. When he embraced her as if to say, “Sorry, I brought you the wrong food”… she wanted to kiss him. She felt kind of guilty for throwing her adult tantrum over something so petty.

Husband: What’s that?

Wife: Salad…

Husband: Don’t eat it. I ordered food for you.

She didn’t say anything, but she felt like her heart was going to break. How could she not see the effort her husband had put into trying to please her, not only tonight, but many times when she was down or upset, or merely acting selfish or childish when she didn’t get what she wanted?

My favorite pizza and chicken set in Korea… it’s called “Princess Pizza”. ^^

After a few minutes, the food delivery came. He ordered pizza and chicken from their favorite pizza parlor.

Husband: Come eat.

Wife: You didn’t have to order food. You spent money again.

Husband: It’s okay. It’s for you.

Wife: Let’s eat together.

Husband: I’m still full. That’s all for you.

Wife: I can’t finish all these… and I don’t like to eat alone.

Husband: Okay, I’ll eat a little.

He likes chicken wings; she likes chicken legs.

She put his favorite part of the chicken on his dish and went to the kitchen to get some salt. When she came back to the living room, her husband was lying on the sofa………………………………………………..SLEEPING!

She tried to wake him up because his favorite show on TV was about to start… but he was too tired or maybe too drunk to wake up… wait a minute… drunk??? Didn’t he say earlier that he would not drink too much? Well… does it really matter now?

She looked at him, ran her fingers through his hair… and realizing that she had not even thanked him for the duck meat he brought home, the pizza and chicken that he ordered for her, the embrace, the patience, the care, the love and everything else that he has wholeheartedly given her even when she is  sometimes difficult, she kissed him gently and whispered to his ear, “Thank you, mahal ko. I love you very much.”


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