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Winter Laundry Land


For weeks, I have been waiting for the frozen washing machine pipes to thaw, so hubby and I won’t have to do the laundry manually, but it seems like this won’t happen soon. The temperature this week has dropped to almost minus 12 degrees Celsius, and probably it’s going to be even colder in the days to come. We’ve called somebody to check the pipes and we were told that all we can do is to wait for winter to finish as the pipes would eventually defrost. Ugh! How long  will the waiting be?

My nephew Dei~dei messing with the dirty laundry.

Last month, when this problem with the pipes came up, we had two big laundry baskets full of dirty clothes waiting to be washed after coming home from our vacation in the Philippines and the laundry kept doubling with heavy winter clothing every time we changed. We didn’t have any choice but to wash them by foot (YES, BY FOOT!) when we realized that we were running out of  clothes to wear. At first, it was fun. We were like children playing with water and soaked clothes in the tub, or like Keanu Reeves and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón in a scene in A Walk in the Clouds (one of my favorite movies) when they were stomping grapes to make wine.

Now that we have been doing it many times, it’s starting to feel like a CHORE… a super exhausting one!

Perhaps my husband realized the stress I am under, coming home from work tired and having to wash some of our clothes late at night or with him on the weekend, so today, he woke up a bit earlier and washed the clothes I tossed into the bathtub last night. I only helped him wring out smaller pieces of clothing.

I remember how my husband used to say that Korean men don’t wash the dishes and do the laundry. Even my abonim (father~in~law) told me this once. I guess there is something more powerful than Korean men’s “bogus” machismo: LOVE can make a man do anything for the woman he truly cares about. 


2 thoughts on “Winter Laundry Land

  1. hi.. i love it..! heheh nice one.. like:)


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