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What to Say to Mean People


Some people just don’t have anything good to do in their life but to criticize others… so if you happen to encounter these people, instead of feeling bad about yourself or giving in to their pleasure of making your life miserable, SPEAK OUT… by giving them a dose of their own medicine!

To someone who calls you a b*tch…

Say: Oh, where you talking to me? Sorry, I thought you were referring to yourself.

To someone who calls you an a*s hole…

Say:  Then you must be the stink that comes out of me.

To someone who tells you you’re not good enough…

Say: That’s because I’m better… way better than you.

Hiyaaah!!! See? I can kick better than you.

To someone who tells you you’re not that pretty:

If she’s not pretty, say: Well, at least I’m not as ugly as you are.

My mommy says I'm "BLOBly". ^^

If she’s pretty/prettier, say: Good for you, you won’t need to borrow my looks… just my brain.


To someone who says you’re fat:

Say: Can you blame me? I’m pampered and well-fed.

To someone who says he/she doesn’t like you:

Say: Don’t worry. The feeling is mutual.

It's called mutual distrust.

To someone who says mean things behind your back:

Say: I must be a very important person to talk about. Thanks for making me a celebrity. 


2 thoughts on “What to Say to Mean People

  1. Perhaps you could share your “taray” lines with me. ^^


  2. hahaha nice post! I always have the special ability to trash those critics who doesnt have anything to do with thier lives but to critisize others (my mother in law is one of them) and I always leave them either frustrated or just plain scared for my But I still need some fresh new lines^^ thanks for this post. 🙂


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