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Ten Reasons Why I Can’t Wait for Spring


Finally!!! Winter is almost over. Though it’s still cold and in some places in Korea, it continues to snow, I can already feel the spring breeze brush against my skin. I just can’t wait for spring for the following reasons:

1.) I won’t grow muscles from washing and wringing our clothes manually, because the darn washing machine pipes are frozen and we can’t use any of our washing machines. 

2.) I can wear high-heeled shoes, not just my “flat” ugly boots, without fear of slipping on an icy road and landing on my butt, which happened to me more than twice!

3.) I don’t have to look like a space man with all the layers of clothes and heavy down coat I have to wear to keep me warm in freezing temperatures.

4.) I don’t have to imprison myself in the house on weekends and watch Transformers or Iron man over and over again (You see, they always replay them in Korean cable.), because I’m afraid to go out in the cold and turn into a human Popsicle.

5.) My husband won’t be able to use his “we-might-get-stuck-in-a-traffic-jam-if-it-snows-too-hard” excuse every time I ask him to take me on  a trip to the countryside. (I just hope he can’t think of another excuse not to take me to the Spring Flower Festivals in Korea this time.)

  1. 6.) I can enjoy the view of beautiful flowers and the bright green color of nature, as it won’t be just withered trees covered in ghostly white snow that reminds me of my 4th grade teacher who put all the foundation and powder on her face enough to scare the entire 4th grade class and give me nightmares about a dead Kabuki-princess-turned-terrible-Math-teacher.

7.) The relentless hounding of my students to let them play the winter vocabulary game, which I regret ever introducing to them, will torture me no more. It’s the only thing they can think of doing in class the whole winter season. Now that spring is on its way, I can tell them to say good-bye to a game that’s only for winter. (Crap! I have to think of a spring vocabulary game, too.)

8.) I don’t have to worry about my husband having a heart attack when he reviews our gas bill and I won’t get a migraine from his asking a dozen times if the boiler or water heater‘s been turned off after we take a hot shower or before we leave the house.

9.) My parents-in-law won’t force me to eat bitter Korean ginseng to warm my body. My mother-in-law thinks that my body is a favorite conductor of cold. I failed to tell her I’m anemic. 

10.) The search for the best lotion for chapped skin and anti-dry cream, that drives my husband crazy, will have to end… TEMPORARILY. ^^


6 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why I Can’t Wait for Spring

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  3. Wow! No wonder you are full of wisdom about life. ^^
    I already posted LUCKY PENNIES in one of my FB homepages and two of my groups. If you’d like to see it, here’s the link:

    If you’d like to repost some of my posts, I’d be honored, too.

    TAKE CARE! I hope this will be the beginning of a great friendship. ^^


  4. Hi…not really that old…only 60:) *Thank you* for your kind words. Did you get my message about re-p0sting Lucky Pennies to Facebook? It’s okay to do that. I’m honored. Also, I would like to post some of your blog to my Facebook page. Your blog is a beautiful and insightful place.


  5. You can’t be that old, Brook. ^^ Thanks for the sweet words. =)


  6. All very good reasons to be glad for spring. Yes, feeling bulky in clothes is one of the things I won’t miss. You are so young and vibrant, like spring:) Tell me a way or two, if you have time, to feel better in lighter shorter spring clothes since now my body is old and I don’t like to show much of it! Older women will all appreciate your advice!


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