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"I carry your heart with me… always."



March 8 is International Women’s Day. While this day is dedicated to all women in the world, I would like to especially dedicate it to the most influential  woman in my life… my BFF.

(I am reposting something that I wrote for her a few months ago.)

As Paris Hilton‘s relentless search for a new BFF (Best Friend Forever) continues, mine has long been over. My BFF has been my “truest” best friend from the time I was born into this world, and she has never  left my side until the time I got married and decided to settle in another country with my husband. She’s way older than me but she knows the needs of somebody my age, and she always tries to fill those needs  by unselfishly giving all of what she has–love, time, wisdom, patience. As if those were not enough, sometimes she tells me she wishes she could give more. I have never known a friend as giving and as thoughtful as she is.

Some of her best recipes ^^

When we have dinner together, my BFF always gives me the biggest and the most delicious piece, while she gets the smallest portion or at times the left-over. She cooks my favorite food so well that I forget I’m on a diet everytime she prepares it.

I was so excited to try this jacket on. It was one of her many presents last Christmas. ^^

When we go shopping together,  she knows what it means when I keep looking at an item in a shop but don’t  even get in to try it on. She knows that I really want it, but it’s not in my budget. She tells me how lovely it would look like on me and finally convinces me to buy it instead of paying for lunch or dinner, but if I can’t be convinced, she secretly saves up money so she could buy it for me.

Although I don’t tell my BFF everything, she knows what’s in my heart, what makes me cry, what makes me laugh. When I’m quiet, she knows that I’m sad, and she never forces me to share her my woes. She waits until I heal and tries her best to cheer me up , but I know that many times she wept for me and prayed for me.

The perfect wedding dress for a princess wannabee ^^

When I talk too much, she knows that I’m happy, and she never gets tired of listening to me. I remember those long sleepless nights she stayed up with me as I was discussing wedding plans and finalizing the design of my wedding gown. It was just like when I was a little girl, and we played dress-up Barbie together. I wanted the dress to be perfect, and it was “perfect” because of her.

"Don't forget the bouquet."

On my wedding day, my BFF was probably more nervous than I was, but she eased my worries by making sure that the wedding was going to be the way we have planned it and that I would be the most beautiful bride on my wedding day. In fact, she was the one who packed all my things for that special day. She knows how forgetful I can be and she always reminds me of things I never ever should forget like how to keep my head up when things fall apart, how to be a good wife, how to love unconditionally the way she does… everything that I need to do and need to be in life.

"Faith can move mountains."

When I was a child, she taught me how to pray and to keep my faith. As I was growing up, she shared with me the most important lessons in life. When my life seemed to be on the brink of a precipice, she gave me the best pieces of advice. I have never known a friend as wise and as loyal as she is.

"Be brave little one. Make a wish for each sad little tear. Hold your head up when no one is near. Someone's waiting for you."

There were times when my BFF and I disagreed, but we always managed to patch up our differences. She never holds a grudge, not even to those who hurt her and hold  a grudge against her. A simple kiss or a hug softens her heart. Her arms are always open wide for reconciliation. I often misunderstood her, but now I know that all she wanted was the best for me. Perhaps she has forgotten all those things I didn’t mean to say when I was younger and stubborn , but I sometimes think how hard it must have been for her to be thought of as the antagonist when in truth she was a hero who saved me many times when I was about to break. Although I now have my own life, she’s still that same hero who “comes to the rescue” when I’m troubled or confused.

Would she miss the most important STAGE in my life? Not in a million years. =)

My BFF seems to have all the medicine in this world to cure not only cold and flu, but also cold feet, heartache and self-doubt. I don’t know how she does it. She’s so good in almost everything. When I was a child and I was afraid to sleep alone in my bed, she would tuck me in and  read me a bedtime story like I was watching a play live. She is such an amazing story-teller! When I joined my first declamation contest in first grade, she helped me memorize my piece and taught me how to deliver it confidently. You see, she’s a great teacher, too. She taught me my ABC’s, how to write my name and how to count, so before I started going to school, I already knew them and I was ahead of my class.

I know that she's proud to see me when I'm on stage, but I'm the proudest when I see her watching me. =)

She had been to most school activities that I took part in, either backstage, getting me ready, or sitting in the front row, watching me perform. She dressed me up for the UN when I was Miss Japan, cheered for me during a pageant’s question-and-answer portion, gave me the loudest applause when she listened to my impromptu speech for the first time. She walked with me on the stage when I received an honor roll certificate. She was by my side on every graduation day, marching proudly like the rest of the graduates. On my wedding day, although reluctant to let me go, she walked me halfway down the aisle with tears in her eyes and a smile in her heart.  I have never known a friend as supportive and as caring as she is.

My BFF has done so much for me, and yet I have never heard her complain… not even a bit. I wonder if she ever gets tired of giving or if she has  something left for herself. I know that she knows how I love her so, but I want her to realize one thing… she’s more than just a parent, she’s not merely my MOM… she’s my BESTest best friend FOR LIFE no one, not even all the BFF’s of Paris Hilton put together, can replace.

“I LOVE YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.” ~~~ Mommy and Little Chris

3 thoughts on “My BFF

  1. The ‘most beautiful letter’ i’ve ever read


  2. You are a very clever person!


  3. What a *beautiful* (inside and out!) mother…and daughter. And now your mother has ministered to all of us, all over the world, through you. *Thank her* for me and tell her I have so much respect and admiration for the way she shines light into your life and now the lives of others.

    What a profound and memorable tribute from daughter to mother. *You are both blessings from God* and show forth His glory!


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