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Woman Smoking in the Subway Fights with Passenger


Koreans are known to be law-abiding citizens. I have always felt safe going home by myself late at night, as the crime rate in Korea is relatively low. Although majority of the Korean population like to drink, it is not common for a Korean to drink and drive since drinking and driving is a serious offense here. Since I came to this country, I have never encountered someone cutting in line ahead of me or seen somebody smoking in a non-smoking area, especially in the subway, but the woman in this video seemed to have all the guts and shamelessness in the world to smoke in the subway, while a number of passengers watched in surprise and total annoyance.

The video has been uploaded in Youtube a few days ago and has been the talk of many netizens in several Korean sites. The incident happened on Bundang Line.

As shown in the video, the ajossi sitting beside the woman who was smoking in the subway, told her to stop smoking. He told her a few times but she would not listen, so he grabbed the cigarette from her; she got furious and started saying curse words to him and to other passengers who were complaining. The argument escalated into physical assault.

My husband smokes, too, but I always remind him not to smoke in public places, even when there’s no “NO SMOKING” sign. He doesn’t smoke “in the house”. This is a no-no among Koreans. Koreans go out of the house to smoke.

His male friends don’t smoke in front of me. They know that I hate it, and they’re considerate enough to save my lungs from inhaling toxic.

Most of his female friends, however, don’t care. They smoke right in my face no matter how many times my husband tells them not to. I wonder what makes women like to smoke. It’s NOT SEXY, IT’S NOT COOL, and doing it in public or in front of others is just so RUDE and IRRITATING.

5 thoughts on “Woman Smoking in the Subway Fights with Passenger

  1. I think SK is one of the safest places to live, but there will always be crime in any country. That can’t be avoided.


  2. omg I saw the video before.. what a retard!!! Some people are so tactless…

    I thought crime rates are high in korea? I always see on the news of some kidnapping, rape, etc etc eek!


  3. I wish so, too, but because it’s addictive, some people just can’t quit it… like my husband. =(


  4. I’m sorry about the females who won’t stop smoking around you!

    Smoking is so addictive because of the nicotine. I wish people didn’t smoke because it harms so many.


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