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It’s Tea Time! ^^


After dinner, I fix myself a cup of tea. It’s part of my daily ritual. In fact, while writing this post, I take little breaks by drinking a cup of hot Yerba Mate tea. Even when I was in the Philippines, I would drink green tea or Lipton tea, especially when I ate too much fatty food, but it is in Korea that I have really enjoyed tea drinking. There are many different kinds of tea here that are not only proven to be beneficial for one’s health, but also taste good

Last 설날 (Seollal or Lunar New Year in SK), one of my husband’s relatives who came to the house brought us a set of tea. Two of the tea are my favorite flavors: 율무차 (Job’s tears tea) and 대추 차 (jujube tea). Job’s tears tea is known to treat allergies and endocrine disorders. It also helps reduce cholesterol level and aids in weight loss. Research shows that it helps prevent cancer and osteoporosis. I like Job’s tears with almonds and walnuts. It’s not bland like the ordinary Job’s tears tea. I usually buy the one from Homeplus. It’s not too expensive (4,350원) but it’s delicious. (Good thing my husband’s relative gave us the same brand of Job’s tears tea that I always buy. ^^)

When my laryngitis is killing me or whenever I have a cold or flu, my Omonim makes Jujube tea for me. It’s not as sweet as instant or powdered jujube tea, but it really works. (If you want to know how to prepare different kinds of tea, try to visit the site called Enjoying TeaI’ve already tried making some of the them. They are quite simple to make. ^^) Aside from providing sore throat, cold and flu relief, jujube tea also soothes anxiety and stress. Every time my DSPS strikes, I drink natural jujube tea to help me sleep. Jujube tea acts as a natural sedative. It can be used as a detoxifier and a healthful sweetener, too. Just like Job’s tears tea, jujube tea may also help prevent cancer.

According to studies, drinking tea every day is very good for the body. It is not only rich in antioxidants that prevent aging and various diseases, but is also great for relaxation.  (Read about the Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea for more information.)

If you would like to know more about Korean tea, check out The World Of Korean Tea and find out which one suits your taste.


4 thoughts on “It’s Tea Time! ^^

  1. I was having difficulty not thinking of some business opportunities, so I started looking for some unusual blogs. I enjoyed your blog and it helped me relax.


  2. I’m sure you have many kinds of tea in England, too. I’d like to know more about English tea and British tea culture. ^^


  3. There is just so much tea! I drink a lot of tea in the UK, but most of your teas are new to me.


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