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Oh My, He’s Got Two Wives!


Last week, we found out that we had been the main target of a gossip.

My husband came to visit my sister-in-law who was at the hospital. I couldn’t go with him because my work in the 학원 (hagwon or academy) ends late, so he went to the hospital alone. When he asked one of the nurses what room number my sister-in-law was staying in, the nurse said, with a big grin on her face: “You know where she is.”

“No, I don’t.” Just as he was going to ask for the room number one more time, another nurse came and told him: “Did you go home?”

Though a bit confused, he answered politely: “No, I just came here.”

The second nurse added: “You changed clothes so fast.”

While my husband stood there perplexed, and the other nurses were exchanging suspicious glances, my 작은 아주버님 (chagun ajubonim or brother-in-law) arrived. (According to my husband, he could hear the nurses murmuring behind the divider, but he couldn’t figure out what they were saying.) When the nurses saw chagun ajubonim  and my husband standing side by side, they were surprised, and then they coyly laughed. They said sorry and explained what happened.

Here are some pictures of my husband and chagun ajubonim together.

Another soju and Tempura night…

Blow the birthday candles! ^^

Same face, same habits (most of the time)… but quite different in many ways… ^^

Yup, as you have (probably) guessed, they’re identical twins… and that is what caused the confusion and the gossip among the nurses. ^^

My sister-in-law and I go to the same women’s hospital in Guri, and we also have the same OB doctor. The nurses know me and my husband, because we go to the hospital together every month, and there are only a few English-speaking 외국인 (foreigners) going there. It was only last month when chagun ajubonim and my sister-in-law came to the hospital for the first time, when they found out she was pregnant. That time, the gossip among the nurses started.  They thought my husband is having an affair: my sister-in-law is the real wife and I’m the mistress. Every time they saw us in the hospital, they were debating on who the real wife is. (I don’t know why they thought I’m the mistress. It makes me wonder if I look like one.) They told my husband and chagun ajubonim about the gossip. Kudos to them for being honest enough to admit it. It isn’t a big deal, actually. The twins even laughed about it when the nurses told them. I think it’s funny, too.

My husband told me, as well as chagun ajubonim to his wife: “If someone tells you, ‘I saw your husband with another woman’, don’t think I’m having an affair. They just saw my twin with his wife, that’s all.”

Twins of the same feather, play together. ^^

The twins playing cellphone games in their parents’ room…
During their free time, they play video games together in the PC 방 (internet cafe), too. ^^

On Saturday, my husband and I went to the hospital for my usual check up. As I was getting off the car to go to the lobby first, I asked him: “Are you sure that all the gossiping nurses know that you have a twin?”

“Maybe,” he said, “Why?

“I just don’t want anybody to think that I’m your NUMBER 2.”

Chagun ajubonim and his wife… me and my husband…
Not only family, best of friends as well… ^^



5 thoughts on “Oh My, He’s Got Two Wives!

  1. Yup, they’re just like kids. ^^


  2. kkkkk…sooooo funny!!! ^.^ they look so cuuute playing phones together…^.^


  3. Thanks, Brook. ^^ It’s just the usual vanilla cake with white cream, topped with fresh fruit.


  4. Such an interesting and colorful life. *Thank you* for sharing these things. What is the cake made of? Very exotic looking…


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