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Upset Woman Attacks Another Passenger on The Plane


When my former colleagues and I had our trip to Singapore and Malaysia a few years ago, we took Tiger Airways. It was a budget flight, and as expected from a cheap flight, the plane was too small and the seats didn’t have enough space to allow us to sit comfortably. I remember bumping the seat in front of me accidentally a couple of times when I had to change my position, but good thing the person sitting in front was one of my co-teachers, so she didn’t complain, unlike the woman who caused a scene on the plane yesterday (Saturday) after another passenger seated behind her allegedly bumped her seat a few times.

The passengers involved in the hullabaloo were a man named Yeo Chia Keat, his wife who took the video of the fight, his friend Chua Teck Kwang, and a Vietnamese woman and her mother.

According to Yahoo News, this is what happened:

Yeo bumped the seat in front of him while stretching his legs. Upset, the daughter of the Vietnamese lady seated in front of him then started yelling at Yeo and his wife.
The daughter then started “shifting her seat up and down repeatedly”, Yeo told local Chinese daily Lianhe Wanbao, but the couple ignored her.
Yeo told the upset passenger when their flight landed in Singapore at around 5:20pm that they could go and make a police report together if she was not happy over what happened, but that simply enraged the woman, according to media reports.
Chua recounted to Lianhe Wanbao that the woman flung her hand-carried luggage at Yeo’s head, and after the former tried to intervene, she turned to hit him instead.
“She used her sharp nails and scratched my face and right arm”, Chua was quoted by the same paper as saying.

While exiting the plane, shouts from both parties attracted the attention of the airport policemen. Chua told Lianhe Wanbao that the woman claimed the two men had hit her mother.
According to TR Emeritus, Chua claimed that the woman then unbuttoned her blouse and showed her chest to the policemen, telling them that Yeo had molested her.
Chua then called the police, who upon arrival tried to mediate between the two parties.

Sometimes when we are bored and we have all the time in the world to waste on nonsense, my husband and I watch videos of subway and street fights in Korea. Most of them are just verbal fights, except one video I have featured in one of my posts: Don’t Mess with Ajumma.

Some people just don’t know how to control their anger, and it doesn’t happen only here in Korea or in Singapore. It happens anywhere in the world. It happens in my country, too.

Last year, when my husband, my brother-in-law, my brother-in-law’s wife and I had our vacation in the Philippines, a man hollered at us for unintentionally scratching his van parked a few inches next to our car. We said sorry, but that didn’t satisfy him. Thinking that I’m also Korean and couldn’t understand Filipino, he said “Mga gag*ng Koreanong ito, kala mo kung sino!” (“Stupid Koreans, who do they think they are?”) I wanted to give him a word or two, but my sister-in-law pulled me inside the car. She was scared. I was upset and ready for battle. The men (our husbands and another Korean friend who picked us up from the airport) were simply smiling and shaking their heads. How could they keep their cool? We left as if nothing happened. No one talked about that incident in the car. Good thing the man didn’t do anything harsh besides his bellowing.



9 thoughts on “Upset Woman Attacks Another Passenger on The Plane

  1. Ikaw talaga, Deym… =)


  2. yeah right 🙂 yung accent nga siguro nila 🙂 pansin ko na talaga yan eh. kapag nga dumadating ang mga vietkongs sa school dati sumisigaw ako ng “tweet!tweet!” hahaha parang ibon 😛


  3. Ha ha ha! Napatawa mo naman ako dun, Deym. ^^ Buti na lang yung mga na-mi-meet kong Vietnamese ay kind naman. Kahit san talaga, kahit anong lahi, there will always be ill-mannered people, kait pa sa atin sa Pinas… but agree ako sa sinabi mo na maingay sila. Maiingay din naman tayong mga Pinoy pag magkakasama, pati din Koreans, diba? Pero iba talaga ang ingay ng mga Vietnamese. I think it has something to do with their accent or intonation, baka talagang ganun sila magsalita, pero ang babaeng ito, malala siya… but I’m sure the woman in the video doesn’t represent all Vietnamese. ^^


  4. uu nga,. umiiyak sya diba? and sabi pa ng mom nya “stop it” pero talagang gumawa siya ng eksena 😛


  5. hahaha I saw it on the news recently. At dahil ako mismo ay may kaunting discriminating thoughts about vietnamese, hindi ko maalis sa isip ko na “talagang may saltik itong vietnamese” I have seen and encountered them a thousand times nung ako ay nag vovolunteer pa sa migrant workers center and all I can say is that, they are ill mannered, noisy, messy and doesn’t care about others. 🙂 naku… ako ay mananahimik na dahil may kapit bahay akong vietnamese jan lang sa baba ng bahay namin :)) hahahaha pero talagang may mga saltik sila 😛


  6. Take it easy, sis… ^^


  7. Nakaka high blood tong vietnamese na to..the way she acted..wlng k manner2….liar pa….sarap patulan ehh….


  8. That’s what I thought, baka nga there’s really something wrong with her.


  9. war freak tong vietnamese n to ah..mukhang malaki problema nito sa buhay…haha!


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