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Why I Will Never Succeed on My Diet


My strong inclination to lose weight began a couple of weeks ago, when I tried on a skin-tight dress that could have fit me perfectly had I tried it on two years ago.

“It fits all right,” the sales lady said, but all sales ladies say that to make you buy the item, and even if there’s that little bulge that tells you, “This isn’t the right dress for you, honey,” sales ladies would say, “It looks good on you, dear.”

I can’t remember how I managed to put that dress on and take it off without ripping it off, but I recall looking in the mirror and being greeted by that tiny belly pooch as I was admiring the dress I was wearing… not admiring myself!

When I was single, I never had any problems with “what to wear”. I could just grab anything from my closet, mix and match clothes, without worrying about “looking chubby” or “feeling fat”. Every time I went shopping, even the skimpiest dress would fit me well, without revealing any “unwanted extras”, but now… grrrr! I spend longer hours looking for clothes. None of my old jeans fit me anymore, except for the stretch jeans that I bought from UNIQLO last year. It’s just so disappointing. (T.T)

Last month, I cried over the fact that no matter how I starve myself to sexiness and do a dozen (or more) push-ups everyday to make my tummy flat again, I will never succeed. I just don’t have enough discipline to stay on my diet, because of the following reasons:

1.) I looooove chocolates! (Who doesn’t?) Even After White Day and Valentine’s Day, Homeplus almost never runs out of discounted chocolates on the ITEMS FOR SALE corner. It’s the first section my husband and I check out when we shop for food and groceries. When I see a box of yummy-looking chocolates half its original price, I just have to buy it. (I’m very particular about the expiration date though.)

2.)  I don’t mind eating the left-over donuts: Now that there is a newly open Dunkin Donuts coffee shop a few blocks away from our apartment, and there are always new flavors of donuts coming out in the store, from the classic (my fave blueberry) to the “Koreanised” flavors (the tofu-flavored donut is a must-try), I can just “drop by” the shop anytime and buy me a piece of heavenly sweetness… uhm… maybe a dozen for the whole family. Oh wait, I just realized… my husband and my in-laws don’t like donuts. Maybe hubby will eat one, Abonim won’t even taste it, and Omonim can barely finish half… so I’m going to end up eating the rest of the donuts and you won’t even hear me complain. ^^

3.) My husband and I like to have midnight snacks: Here in Korea, even when it’s 2 or 3 in the morning, there’s always food ready to be delivered right to your doorstep… pronto! When my husband and I watch movies late at night, we crave something to munch on, usually pizza or chicken. We could finish a huge box of pizza or chicken… or BOTH in one sitting!

4.) I scream 200 DECIBELS for ice cream: Baskin Robbins is everywhere in SK! The only place I remember seeing a Baskin Robbins chain in the Philippines was in Megamall, and they didn’t have as many flavors as they do here in Korea. With 31 delectable flavors to choose from, who would not scream for ice cream?

5.) I’m a certified meat lover: My daily diet consists mostly of meat. I tried to convince myself before that vegetables are much healthier than meat, so I avoided meat for some time and ate more greens and kimchi… but it was like killing myself little by little, especially when I smelled samgyupsal and galbi cooking. I gave up. I just cooked steak for dinner, right before writing this post.

6.) I’m being fattened up: Do you know the story of Hansel and Gretel?  The wicked witch gave the best food to Hansel to make him fat, so that later she could cook and eat him, and everyday she would check to see if he has gotten plumper. Well, I kinda feel like Hansel, except that I’m not being fattened up to be cooked and eaten… I’m being fattened up by my parents-in-law to get me ready for a baby… and when they see that I’m losing weight, they tell me to eat a lot, keep eating until I get fat.

See? I’m just not good at dieting, because I choose to enjoy life. If I deprive myself of all the tasty food in this world, I don’t think I’ll ever be happy. The skin-tight dress I tried on that would not fit to a T, it won’t make me one of those gorgeous celebrities I watch on TV or those skinny supermodels I see in magazines. (I’m not even sure if they’re for real. There’s too much editing that can be done to make one look “perfect” these days.) That dress could wait… when I’m ready to sacrifice my love for food. As for now, I’m going to grab me a piece of chocochip cookie… or maybe two or three of ’em. ^^

How about you? How’s your diet going so far?

10 thoughts on “Why I Will Never Succeed on My Diet

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  2. Ha, ha, ha! ^^ I like SEE-FOOD DIET BETTER. =)


  3. hahaha it’s not SEAFOOD sis, it’s SEE-FOOD. 🙂 you eat all the FOODS YOU SEE 😛


  4. I’ve tried fruit diet, Jen. ^^ I haven’t tried fruit and vegie juicing though. Thanks for mentioning it. =)


  5. Seafood diet? Hmn… sounds good to me. I might try it some time. Thanks for the tip, Deym. ^^


  6. I am not “alone” in this world of foodies after all. ^^

    I am delighted you called me “a friend”. Thanks, Brook. =)


  7. I am on a see-food diet dear 🙂

    I eat all the foods I SEE 😛 😛 😛


  8. But juicing the veggies and fruits sounds tempting and I would probably feel better. Thanks for that idea Jen.

    About how much does a juicer cost?


  9. We have the same problem dear but i usually find ways to stick to my diet. Im being fattened up by my inlaws aswell…they always complain how thin i was and should eat more. Hahahs but im not really comfortable if i gain weight..and my husband knows how moody i can get. But how can we avoid all the sweets and midnight snacks? Its really tempting. Anyways…have u tried fruit and vegie juicing? Thats what im doing now. I dont like vegies that much but i mixed them up with fruits and juice them. Its great and healthy. You should try it!


  10. Another heartfelt and delightful post. Me, too! One time when a friend and I were ordering a panini sandwich to split in half, she told the chef she didn’t want butter when the sandwich was grilled. But I said, “I want the grease.” I figure it’s better to enjoy life with butter and chocolate and donuts and meat! We are friends indeed:)


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