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Eye Liner Must-have from Face Shop


I am a Filipino, but I have the chinkiest eyes ever. I am often mistaken for being Chinese, Japanese or Korean. In fact, in my hometown, tricycle drivers used to offer me a discount to ride a trike going to “Korean Town”. When I went to Pampang Market  for the first time with my Mom, my husband and my in-laws, the vendors spoke to me in English and a little Korean, thinking that I’m not a Filipina. My Mom and my husband tell me that I should be proud of having “chinky eyes” that make me “unique”, but at times I wish I had Filipino eyes, too, and because of this desire to have bigger-looking eyes… I have tried to master the art of How to Apply Eye Liner and Make Your Eyes Look Bigger, which was of little help.

Some of my Japanese and Korean students told me about this eyelid glue that can add a crease or fold in the eyelid. It has been really popular in Japan and SK, but it seems a bit scary to use. (I might as well have the surgery. ^^)

Thus, the long search for the perfect eye liner began. I’ve tried almost everything… from pencil to liquid… from cream to cake… from the cheapest brands to the most expensive ones, but because of my jittery hands, I always end up smudging the eye liner. Pencil eye liners tend to smear easily. Liquid eye liners are difficult to apply, especially the ones with brush applicator. Cream eye liners are hard to remove, even with the use of make-up remover. (They can get messy, too.) Cake eye liners don’t dry quickly, and because I’m always in a hurry to go to work, I need an eye liner that dries fast.

Finally, I’ve found the right eye liner! It’s easy to apply, doesn’t make a mess, dries more quickly, and lasts longer, but is easier to take off. Plus, it’s not expensive. (That’s a bonus.)

You can get this eye liner from The Face Shop. It’s almost 5, 000 KRW (188 PHP or 4 USD).

I have been using this eye liner for two years now, and because it’s easy to handle and control the amount of eye liner I put on my upper eyelid, I don’t end up looking like the child from The Grudge.

It’s also liquid eye liner, but it has a felt-tip that’s why it’s easier to apply.

While using the right eye liner and wearing it the right way can make chinky Asian eyes appear bigger, they can’t magically transform them into BIG BRIGHT eyes; however, make-up makes wonders. I’ve learned from the best: my Mom and my aunt who happens to be a make-up artist, and I’ve been watching too many make-up tutorials.  (I just love Michelle Phan’s and Promise Tamang Phan‘s make-up video tutorials.) I’m not an expert, but AT LAST, now I know what make-up is right for me, and what products satisfy my appetite for beauty.

If you want to get tips on how to apply eye liner the easier way, this video will surely help you:

To learn how to make your eyes appear larger and brighter, check out this video:

8 thoughts on “Eye Liner Must-have from Face Shop

  1. Hi, Mandy. ^^ Sorry to tell you, but they don’t have this product in Face Shop anymore. They have new eye liners, though, similar to this one. You may want to check another post about the eye liner I’m using now. It’s also a good felt-tip eye liner from Nature Republic. ^^

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  2. Hello what’s the name for this product? because I searched all about easy liner and nothing showed up.


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  4. Ha ha! Kayako gave me a fright, too. ^^


  5. yeah Juon! i remember my highschool days lol..augh;; creepyyy kayako’s face looks sooo x_X


  6. Thanks, 꿀꿀지은. ^^

    The movie is more scary than the GIF. Have you watched “The Grudge”? =)


  7. btw, i love your blog! I’m so glad I found it!:D xx


  8. OMG!!헐 that Toshio GIF! really freaked me out! lol ㅠㅠㅋ


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