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Freebies Galore! ^^


Koreans certainly know how to please their customers.

Last week, my husband received a parcel for earning points from SK. Good thing it’s an aftershave from Benetton Cosmetics, I don’t need to buy him a new aftershave this month. ^^

Many times, gifts like skin and lotion (“skin” and “lotion” are toner and moisturizer in Konglish), hand cream, shampoo and rinse (“rinse” is Konglish for conditioner), even 라면 (Korean ramen)  are delivered to our home. Most of them are points we get from using our 신용 카드 (credit card); some are simply bonuses or giveaways.

On 추석 (Korean Thanksgiving) and 설날 (Lunar New Year), we always get Chuseok and Seollal gift sets from the bank, along with the usual calendars and organizers.

Everytime I buy something from my favorite beauty shops, I receive tons of samples. I’ve cleaned our drawers today, and I found a lot that I haven’t used or thrown yet. (Usually, I use the expensive cream and BB samples. ^^)

My husband and I like to do our shopping in Homeplus or E-mart on the weekend, because there’s a lot of free food, and if you make friends with or say nice things to the sales lady, she might just give you MORE freebies even if you don’t ask her. A lady we bought coffee from gave us a lot of different flavors of French Cafe coffee mix when I told her she’s got pretty lashes. (I didn’t praise her to get more freebies. I thought she really has long pretty lashes. ^^)

Every month, Homeplus and E-mart reward us for being loyal customers by sending us coupons in the mail.

Two weeks ago, my husband decided to change our internet connection, so he contacted SK and cancelled our service. A few days after the service was cancelled, SK sent us a gift certificate. It’s a VIP card, for which we are given 216, 000 KRW discount (8,192.88 PHP or 190.08 USD), good for one year, in movie theaters like CGV, Lotte Cinema, Primus, Cinus and Megabox. He called SK again to tell them that we have already cancelled our internet service from their company, but they said we could keep the card, because we were one of their valued customers for one year. (Thanks, SK! ^^)

Yesterday, we got two gift cards from LG, our new internet service. With these cards, we can buy any items in Homeplus worth 150, 000 KRW (5,689.50 PHP or 132 USD).

Koreans certainly know how to please their customers.

Need I say more?

6 thoughts on “Freebies Galore! ^^

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  2. I really want to move to Korea! But due to current life circumstances it will have to wait. I just have to wait 🙂

    I’ve never even been to America. I was born and live in Europe. Are Europeans the worst when it comes to freebies?


  3. Hey, Oegukeen… aren’t you coming to Korea soon?

    I thought they give lots of freebies in America, too. (?) =)


  4. Wow, I never get freebies in my country. I’m jealous 🙂


  5. Most sales ladies in the Philippines are kind, too. I have a lot of “suki” who have become my friends… but I don’t remember getting many freebies; however, I’m usually given BIG discounts. I also like shopping in the Philippines. ^^


  6. Yes its true, best service that we couldn’t find anywhere in our country 🙂


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