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Korean Snacks: What’s Your Favorite Korean Chocolate?


Just last week, I remember writing about the gift check we got from LG in a post “Freebies Galore“. A few days ago, my husband and I got another gift check from LG worth 200, 000 KRW (7,563 PHP or 177 USD), for signing a 3-year internet contract with them… yipee! ^^

After collecting the checks in Homeplus, we decided to spend some of the money to buy some of our favorite snacks. My husband is delighted when his mini-snack bar is full.  ^^

We are both chocolate lovers… the very reason we have gained weight since we got married and lived together.

 My husband likes chocolates in the Philippines more than chocolates in Korea. Chocolates made in the Philippines are sweeter and more flavorful. Chocolates made in Korea are not as sweet; however, there are a few Korean chocolates that we enjoy such as…

Ghana Mild Cacao is a product of Lotte. It is actually a popular Japanese chocolate brand. Hubby and I like this chocolate because of its "mild taste and dissolving sensation." Two bars cost only 1000 KRW (38 PHP or 89 cents).

This mini chocolate from Royal reminds me of the "pop rice" in the Philippines (similar to rice krispie treats), because of the crunchy crisp balls coated in milk chocolate. A box costs 1,350 KRW (51 PHP or 1.20 USD) and contains 10 pieces.

This is my favorite Korean chocolate. It's another product of Lotte which isn't too sweet but has that rich milk chocolate goodness. I always buy the bigger pack (231 grams)which is 4,790 KRW (181 PHP or 4.24 USD). The smaller pack (75 grams) is 1,300 KRW (49 php or 1.15 USD). ABC Chocolate has peanut butter flavor which is delicious, too.

Watch out for the next post on Korean snacks… we will scream for ice cream!!! ^^

7 thoughts on “Korean Snacks: What’s Your Favorite Korean Chocolate?

  1. My favourite is the Crunch. They are easily available here in the US.


  2. I need machine chocolates
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  3. LOL… Ottogi copied Spam, Jacker copied Pringles… are you going to sue them, too?


  4. Kicker copied KITKAT. I’m gonna sue crown for coping KITKATsd


  5. I want choco heim!!!!! ^.^


  6. Which brand of sweets and chocolate are not found in south korea?


  7. Chocolate! Yay!!!


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