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Children’s Day in SK


This weekend is surely going to be a busy day for most parents in Korea. May 5 is 어린이날 or Children’s Day in SK. Koreans are family oriented, and you can see this every Children’s Day, as Moms and Dads spend time with their kids in amusement parks, zoos, museums, picnic grounds and other places that bring delight to the little ones.

Two years ago, my husband took me to Seoul Land, and that time, it was Children’s Day. There was too much traffic going to Seoul. Seoul Land was packed with children and parents. When Children’s Day falls on a weekday, classes are cancelled, so children get to enjoy the day that honors them.

Today, our “conversation starter” in my ESL class is Children’s Day in Korea. Most of my students told me that Children’s Day is one of their favorite occasions in SK. Not only do their parents take them to excursions, they are also given presents and/or money.

Middle school students have been reviewing hard for their major exams, which will end tomorrow, and they can’t wait for Saturday when they can finally relax and go out with their friends.

Children’s Day is celebrated not only in Korea, but in other parts of the world. There are different dates of celebration; however, the United Nations has officially recommended November 20 as Universal Children’s Day. The Philippines is one of the countries that take part in this celebration. When I was working in an international school in the Philippines, we held a program every Children’s Day that showcased our students’ talents. The kids wore flamboyant costumes of children around the world and paraded them. Parents were invited to watch during the program. How proud they must have been to see their children on stage.

In Korea, school programs like this are not common, but sometimes there are small parties for the children. How I wish they had programs where students get to perform. It would be a great way for children to show their parents what other wonderful things they can do besides “study” like some kind of a bionic kid.

4 thoughts on “Children’s Day in SK

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  3. Then you can have a date with your younger piglet… (Ano ba yan, bakit naman “piglet”? Kaw talaga… ^^)


  4. waaaah!! It’s my first time to celebrate children’s day without my two kids.. My eldest piglet and his dad will go to my in-laws house while me and my younger piglet will just stay at home 😦 anyway, I might as well bring him somewhere to eat lunch and play but I think he will be a little sad for he usually just play with his Kuya. 😦


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