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Iced Coffee, Anyone?


It’s not even summer yet, but it’s getting hotter in Korea. My students in the hagwon always complain about the weather and they go nuts when the air conditioner in the classroom is not turned on. Before we start the class, I ask my students what the day and date is, how the weather is, and what season we are having. It’s still spring, but they say it’s already summer, because “it’s sunny and very hot”. (The weather and the season usually become a debate, but hey, at least, they’re debating… in English. ^^)

As for me, this is the perfect weather. It reminds me of the weather in the Philippines. Right now, it is summer in the Philippines, and my mom tells me that the boiling heat drives her crazy. When I was in the Philippines, I didn’t like the scorching summer heat, too… but since I have lived in Korea, especially in winter, I long to feel the sun on my face and I even miss the smell of my sweat. (LOL)

On my way to work today, I wanted to have a scoop of ice cream or a cup of iced coffee to cool me off, but I couldn’t make a quick stop at a convenience store. I almost missed the train, but thank God, I got in just before the door closed.

I usually don’t have enough time to grab a drink or something before heading to work, so I should start bringing my beverage. Last summer, I bought a dozen FRENCH CAFÉ Mocha and Espresso Gold iced coffee. I brought one to work everyday. I would put one bottle in the freezer a few minutes before I leave the house, so when I drink the coffee, it would be super icy or cold.

It’s spring, but it feels like summer… and what better way to quench your thirst and stay cool in this hot weather but to drink your favorite iced coffee? I can’t afford Starbucks frappuccino everyday, so I’m settling for a great alternative. I am not a big fan of Korean coffee. I actually prefer Filipino coffee, but French Cafe is not your typical Korean coffee that lacks flavor and sweetness. It has a sweeter and creamier taste. Our coffee mix in the house is French Cafe. They have instant iced coffee mix, too, but it’s not as good as the  iced coffee in a bottle. ^^

A bottle of FRENCH CAFE Mocha or Espresso Gold Iced Coffee costs 1, 500 KRW (55.98 php or 1.33 USD).

It’s on sale in summer… for only 1,000 KRW (37.32 PHP or 88 cents each bottle).


3 thoughts on “Iced Coffee, Anyone?

  1. one more tasty iced coffee. Glass bottle, perfect taste – Iced coffee from Europe


  2. Hi, Regy! ^^

    I’d love to drink Starbucks coffee everyday, but my account would bleed if I did that. Anyway, there are other products that are not as expensive as Starbucks like French Cafe iced coffee and T.O.P. You have got to try that, too. =)


  3. Hi there!

    When I saw this blog about iced coffee the first thing that came into my mind is Starbuck’s but it doesn’t come cheap ~~~ hahaha! It’s spring but it feels like summer … very hot! But I am not definitely complaining… French Café is such a tasty way to treat yourself it’s one of my favorite drinks. You get all the goodness of a cup of coffee perfectly blended with flavors of mocha or espresso. Tasty and saves me A LOT of money… I just love ‘em!


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