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Korean Classes and Sports Day Event in Yeoksam Global Village Center


Two years ago, I attended Korean language classes in Yeoksam Global Village Center, but when I was called to work in a hagwon, I couldn’t finish the course. Classes were interesting and I was able to meet other foreigners who work and live in Korea. Some are married to Koreans, too. (Too bad I couldn’t attend anymore. T.T) If you want to learn Korean without drooling on your seat out of boredom and meet foreign friends at the same time, Yeoksam  Global Village Center is the right place for you. Those who are interested to join the classes should visit the center during business hours (9 AM – 6 PM) and make a reservation. Classes are free of charge, so admission is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Photo Courtesy of Yeoksam Global Village Center

If you are applying for absolute beginners’ class, the one I applied for, you don’t need to take a placement test; however; other more advanced courses like Korean Media News Class and Business Korean Class require applicants to take a placement test. Classes for this term have already started, but every now and then, they have a new set of schedule. For more information, you can check out their website or call this number: 02-3453-9038~9. The secretary/receptionist speaks English.

Although classes are free, you have to purchase your own books (of course). You will be given a list of materials/books that you will need for the class.

Before you make a reservation, please take note: YOU CAN’T BE ABSENT MORE THAN THRICE IN A MONTH once you are already admitted.

Besides the Korean classes they offer, they also have various activities and volunteer work every month.

On May 12, they are hosting a Sports Day Event.

Here are the details which I received in my email:

You are cordially invited to our Sports Day event!

In cooperation with Gangnam District Office, the Yeoksam Global Village Center is hosting an event for foreigners to enjoy sports games with local residents. This will be a great opportunity experience Korean culture while enjoying a range of sports activities and mingling with Seoul citizens. You can bring traditional costumes from your home country to share your culture with other expats and citizens. Your friends and family are welcome to participate and please let us know of your attendance in advance.

For further questions or to register, please contact the Yeoksam Global Village Center at 02-3453-9038~9 or email to

Date & Time: May 12 (Sat) 2012, 12:00~14:30 · Meeting place: Guryong Station, exit 4 · Meeting time: 11:45 AM Directions: · Bundang Line on Seoul Subway, Guryong Station, exit 4 · Gangnam station, Subway line 2: 20-minute walk from the station · Seolleung station, Subway line 2: 5-minute walk from the station.


4 thoughts on “Korean Classes and Sports Day Event in Yeoksam Global Village Center

  1. There are so many learning centers here for foreigners who want to learn Korean, and it’s free. ^^ When you come here, make sure to enroll in one. =)


  2. This is really good to know. I would love to learn Korean soon.


  3. It is difficult and I get lazy to study most of the time, but every foreigner who stays in Korea has to learn Korean Language. I really have no choice. ^^


  4. Don’t you find learning Korean difficult, because it’s quite different from Filipino?


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