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Chicken in a Cup


Whenever I go hungry on my way home from work, I buy “chicken in a cup” in one of the small chicken stalls in Guri City. There is usually a long queue in that chicken stall, so one time I got curious and bought a 큰 컵 (keun keop: big cup) of chicken. I have been coming back to that stall ever since to buy the famous “chicken in a cup”, which is actually 양념 치킨 (yangnyeom chikin), Korean fried chicken cooked in sweet and spicy sauce and combined with 떡 (tteok: rice cake) and some ground nuts. Yum! ^^

Since the chicken is cut into bits and placed in a cup, I could just take it with me to the bus and eat it right there (except when there are no seats available and I have to stand). The chicken is served hot and crispy. I always ask for extra sauce and more tteok.

There are small chicken stalls all around Korea that sell “chicken in a cup”. Sometimes instead of tteok, 감자 튀긴 (gamja twikim: french fries or fried potatoes) is added.

There are two sizes of “chicken in a cup”: 작은 컵 (jageun keop: small cup) and the one that I order most of the time, 큰 컵 (keun keop: big cup). “Small cup” costs around 1,000 to 1,500 KRW (36.90 to 55.35 PHP) (85 Cents to 1.27 USD). “Big cup” is from 2,000 to 2,500 KRW (73.81 to 92.26 PHP) (1.70 to 2.12 USD).

You can also order in boxes: 반 박스 (ban bagseu: half box) and 한 박스 (han bagseu: one box). Prices in boxes can range from 6,000 to 12,000 KRW (221.42 to 442.84 PHP) (5.09 to 10.17 USD).


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