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Sandara Park’s Life Story in MMK


One of the Korean pop songs my husband and I like to sing is 2NE1‘s “I Don’t Care“.

I am not a big fan of K-pop girl groups, so is my husband, but we just have to agree, there is something about their songs that make you WANNA cut the rug and sing.

I want to impress my husband by learning the lyrics of “I Don’t Care”, so that I can sing it well with him later in the 노래방 (norae bang: music or videoke room). I started looking for a video of the song on Youtube. While I was searching for a video with lyrics and English subtitle, I found Sandara Park‘s life story in “Maala-ala Mo Kaya”, a famous drama anthology series in the Philippines. Before “Dara” became popular in Korea as a member and communications director of the girl group 2NE1, she rose to fame as an actress and singer in the Philippines. She joined a reality-based talent search called “Star Circle Quest” from which she placed first. She was adored by many Filipinos because of her charm and “cute” Korean accent when she speaks Filipino. Who will forget the Sandara wave and her line, “Mahal ko kayo.”? (I love you all.)

After “Star Circle Quest”, Sandy (Sandara’s nickname) became one of the members of Star Magic, ABS-CBN‘s elite circle of young talents. She made a number of television appearances and some product endorsements. She even had her own TV show called “Sandara’s Romance” which featured Korean dramas that she narrated.

She appeared in several movies and released her self-titled album that included the novelty dance hit “In Or Out”, a song about her experiences on “Star Circle Quest”.

In August 2007, Sandara left her showbiz career in the Philippines and moved back to Korea with her family. Earlier, she was offered workshop classes by Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment. YG Entertainment signed her as one of its talents. She joined the group 2NE1, the female version of Big Bang, together with Bom, Minzy and CL.

Now Sandara Park is a big name in Korea.

From being the shy and quiet girl that she was when she first came to the Philippines, Sandara has grown to be a talented young lady who is not afraid to fulfill her dream in life.

Watch her story and how the “Dara” that we know today started in show business.

7 thoughts on “Sandara Park’s Life Story in MMK

  1. People always spread : Sandara park is the shame of K-POP.


  2. People always spread : Sandara park is the shame of K-POP.


  3. People always spread : Sandara park is the shame of K-POP.


  4. Hi Chris…i like most kinds of music, but my son’s music is my favorite. He sings and plays guitar in a progressive rock band. They are taking some time off right now. He’s a land surveyor by day…My daughter works for a non-profit agency and also arranges flowers, just so you’ll know:)

    It would be difficult to name a type of music I don’t like, except about seven years ago, when I worked at a library in North Carolina, two co-workers “let” me listen to a CD of “music” that had no harmony or rhythm that I could “hear.” That’s about the only music I really didn’t like, although if music sounds sad, I don’t like sad music. I don’t listen to Barber’s “Adagio for Strings”! It’s so beautiful, but so sad!


  5. Hi, Ms. Brook. ^^ I like the “eh eh eh” part, too. What music do you fancy? ^^


  6. especially the eh eh eh part:)


  7. Chris…I *love* the K-pop song! *Thank you.*


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