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Learn How to Cook Korean Food from ‘Maangchi’


I can still recall the first time I tried to cook Korean food… it was a disaster!

When I was single, I couldn’t cook anything, not even rice. It was my Mom who did the cooking and she would even prepare my meal for me. I know, I know… I should have learned how to cook before I got married… but well, those “princess days” are over. Now that I am a wife of a Korean, I am the one serving, not the one being served.

My Omonim (mother-in-law) was always busy to teach me how to cook Korean food, so every time she was cooking something for dinner, I would watch her. I had this little notebook where I would write down the ingredients and procedures. I learned how to make kimchi jjige and doenjang jjige just by observing my Omonim.

My Abonim (father-in-law) loves my kimchi jjige. ^^

Everyone in the family likes my doenjang jjige. ^^

Later, I started making banchan (side dishes), too.

Buttered mushrooms and spring onions with sesame seeds: This is one of the side dishes served in my favorite yongyang bop restaurant. The side dish should have carrots, but I don’t like carrots, so I didn’t put any in my recipe.

Dried squid and dried fish cooked in soy sauce, corn syrup and sesame oil

Gamja jorim (Potato in sweet soy sauce)

After a while, when I found out that my husband is not really fond of his mother’s cooking, I began looking for other Korean recipes on the internet. One of my favorite recipe blogs is The one doing the cooking demo is a Korean. (Who knows Korean cooking best but a Korean?) She explains everything in English and her recipes are easy to follow. (She can be funny, too. ^^)

Even now that I can cook several Korean dishes well, I still check her videos regularly. There is always a new Korean recipe on her blog.

Last week, I made 매운 무국 (Maeun mooguk: Spicy radish and beef soup). My husband loves beef and I usually don’t have enough time to prepare a lot of side dishes for lunch, so I thought beef soup would be great, since it doesn’t require banchan when you eat it with steamed rice. This is the video of the recipe in Youtube:

This is the one I cooked:


10 thoughts on “Learn How to Cook Korean Food from ‘Maangchi’

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  2. I like to visit here. It’s beautiful!


  3. I am! It is now on my list.


  4. You’re welcome, Mia. ^^ Good luck on learning how to cook Korean food. =)


  5. Hi, Russel Ray! ^^ Yup, you really should try Korean food. Are you crazy about spicy food?


  6. I just cooked it for lunch. ^^ Thanks also for visiting the blog again. ^^


  7. I absolutely love Korean food, but all my Korean friends cannot cook and teach me. Thank you so much for all the tips


  8. All this food looks so gorgeous! Really like buttered mushrooms and onions! Thanks Chris:)


  9. We have a very popular Korean restaurant not too far from me. I have never been there but it is on my list to try.


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