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Let’s Make Jeon! ^^


My husband and I used to have a “weekend project”. We’d cook our favorite food sometimes or do general cleaning in the house. We are both foodies, so we enjoy cooking together.

Since we like jeon, we decided to make three of our favorites: DONGGOORANGDENG (pan-fried minced meat), BOSOT JEON (pan-fried mushroom stuffed with minced meat) and GETIP JEON (pan-fried sesame leaves stuffed with minced meat).

Jeon is a pan-fried Korean dish covered in flour and egg. It comes in different kinds. It is also called buchimgae. As I have mentioned in a recent post:”On rainy days, Koreans like to eat buchimge and drink makgeolli.”

Rainy days are not over yet. Perhaps you’d like to make jeon or buchimge one of these rainy days, so I am sharing with you the recipe. ^^

To make DONGGOORANGDENG, BOSOT JEON and GETIP JEON, you will need the following ingredients:

1) carrots and spring onions (cut into  bits)

Carrots and spring onions add color to your meat mixture. You can add minced onions, too, but since my husband and I don’t like onions, we didn’t put any.

2) soft tofu

The tofu should be drained and mashed.

3)  minced pork or beef
4) minced green chilli

5) salt and pepper

6) minced garlic

Minced meat mixed with garlic, salt and pepper, and green chilli

7) eggs

Beat the eggs, of course. ^^

8) boochim garoo (flour mixture used for jeon)

You can buy boochim garoo in any Korean mart. You can also use plain flour and potato starch, just add salt and pepper, and beef granules to add flavor to your flour mixture.

9) sesame leaves

10) agaric mushrooms

Wash the sesame leaves and mushrooms well. Cut the mushrooms this way. The rest of the mushrooms (stems) can be used later for another recipe.

TIP: Do not wash the mushrooms with too much water. To learn how to clean mushrooms the right way, you may want to watch this video from

11) canola oil or vegetable oil

(For the sauce:)

12) soy sauce

13) sesame oil (just a drop or two will do)

14) sesame seeds

15) OPTIONAL~~ goochoogaroo (chilli powder) or minced green chilli

Now let’s make jeon! ^^ Here are the procedures:

1) In a large bowl, mix minced pork or beef, drained and mashed tofu and  carrots and spring onions. Add minced garlic, salt and pepper, and green chilli cut in very small pieces to add spice.

Everything you need for the meat mixture

Make sure all the ingredients are mixed well.

This is how the meat mixture should look like. ^^

2) Make small meat balls for DONGGOORANGDENG; Fold sesame leaves in half (lengthwise) and stuff them with little minced meat to make GETIP JEON. To make BOSOT JEON, stuff the hollow part of the mushrooms with a little minced meat.

3) Flour the DONGGOORANGDENG, GETIP JEON and BOSOT JEON; then dip them into lightly beaten eggs. (My husband wasn’t able to take pictures when I was doing this step, so I will just show you pictures of the jeon before they were floured and dipped into the eggs. ^^)

DONGGOORANGDENG is my husband’s favorite.

GETIP JEON and BOSOT JEON are my favorites.

4) Put a non-stick pan on medium heat. Pour just an ample amount of canola or vegetable oil. (DON’T USE TOO MUCH OIL. You are not going to deep-fry your jeon. ^^) Fry them on both sides until slightly brown. As for the DONGGOORANGDENG, use a spoon to flatten them when you place them on the pan.

Voila! The jeon is cooked and ready for serving. ^^

Enjoy your jeon with makgeolli! ^^

5) Serve jeon with soy sauce, sesame oil and sesame seeds. You may also put a little goochoogaroo (chilli powder) or minced green chilli if you like it spicy.

What do you like to do with your husband on weekends? If it’s pouring outside and you are lazy to go out, why not have a date with hubby in the comfort of your own kitchen by making jeon together? ^^

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7 thoughts on “Let’s Make Jeon! ^^

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  2. Oh…also love American salads…there are so many good ones! Do you have a favorite? (One of mine is Cobb salad…with bacon and cheese and boiled egg slices). Sloppy Joes are so good! Do they have any kind of American “sloppy joe” mix you could cook with tomato sauce and ground beef? Then you would have the cooked meat mixture to put on the hamburger bun…just wondering:)


  3. Hi Chris…late getting here again but so happy to hear from you! That is so good that you would cook for me! I would really love to visit Korea someday and meet your amazing Mom! Meanwhile, you make everything so real and lovable from there to here:) Have a great weekend!


  4. I love salad. I hope you could teach me some American salad recipes. ^^ Oh~~~ and I like sloppy joe, too… but restaurants back home never get it right.


  5. I would love to cook for you, Ms. Brook. I told Mom about you and she’d
    like to meet you someday. I think the two of you willl be good friends, because you have great personalities. ^^


  6. I meant all that in a good way. I would cook you something American too! What American food is your favorite?


  7. I wish you were my personal chef! If I ever make it to Korea, we would have such fun eating! I would also love to meet your Mom!


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