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World Peace Festival in South Korea


Would you like to make history and help promote peace, and at the same time  make friends with citizens around the world? If so, you are invited to join the launching of the World Peace Initiative in Seoul on September 16. Besides enjoying various sporting events and performances, you can also take part in a record-breaking opening ceremony in the evening and witness the unveiling of the world’s most dynamic peace  monument that will be made of photos of individuals in different countries who have shared what peace means to them. You, too, can participate in this worldwide photographic project by writing your own definition of PEACE, or what it means to your nation or your culture; then posing for a picture showing your definition; finally, sending the picture to You can also use your YAHOO ID to upload your picture to WIP‘s Flickr group.


The World Peace Initiative is a movement motivated by the desire to see cultures of our world learn to live in peace with one another. Our main goal is to spread this message of world peace and to take part in this vision as a reality. WPI is also most active contributing campaigns for the United Nations’ International Day of Peace.

So what are you waiting for? Book your seat now for a free meal, T-shirt and transportation.  You may participate in the parade or volunteer as an athlete, too.

For more information, visit or

I have already got my ticket and I’m getting another one for my husband.

See you there! ^^ Together, let’s make a difference! ^^


11 thoughts on “World Peace Festival in South Korea

  1. Honorary Chairman, Mr.Lee the peace of the move is expected


  2. Hi, Morris. ^^ I’ve decided not to go (alone), because my husband wasn’t interested in joining.


  3. So…how was it? Did you enjoy the religious content?


  4. Hi, Miga. ^^

    I understand your disappointment. I have been an emcee on many events and mistakes can’t really be avoided. Your right, though… the organizer/emcee should have corrected the wrong announcement/introduction. The audience was probably not aware of that mistake, but the student who performed the dance might have been offended.


  5. How I envy you. T.T

    Hubby and I couldn’t go. How I wish there would be another one here next year.


  6. We appreciate the Peace festival. We think the Peace is about to understand and to know each other. Unfortunately, there was an organizational mistake that gave to other wrong information.
    When a Mongolian student was performing transitional dance on the stage, they explained this as a “Chinese Traditional Performance”. We were disappointed and we asked the officials to correct the explanation but they just did not.


  7. I go to festival. It was so fantastic =)


  8. Great! ^^

    I was also looking forward to it, but now I’m not sure if I can make it tomorrow, though I already have the ticket. T.T


  9. My girlfriend and I just got our tickets! We’re very excited to check it out.


  10. Hi, Ms. Brook. ^^ Why not join the photographic project? =)


  11. yes…different minds, one heart:)


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