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Things He Never Taught Me

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He never taught me how to ride a bicycle, maybe because he was afraid that I would fall and scrape my knee when he lets go of the handle. He knew I was a fraidy cat. He would not teach me how to ride a bike until he was sure that I was ready and he could let go of me.

He never taught me how to play chess, although he was very good at it, perhaps because he wanted me to learn more important things in life.

He never taught me how to draw, though he was a gifted artist. I used to ask why I couldn’t draw like him. He said I was good at singing, and that is one talent I should develop.

He never taught me to hold my tears like a big girl. He let me cry when I was hurt, sat me on his lap, listened to what I had to say, and let me cry some more… and when it seemed that I felt better, he’d smile and say things that would make me giggle.

He never taught me how a young lady should act, or reprimanded me for wearing lipstick or a mini-skirt. He accepted me the way I am. He was proud of me and what I turned out to be.

He never taught me pride. Instead, he taught me humility. While most parents want their children to be like them, he told me not to be like him and make the same mistakes that he did. He was my hero as a child, but he made me realize that not all heroes are perfect, but all of them “protect”, especially the ones they love.

There are some things my Dad never had the chance to teach me, or maybe he did not teach them on purpose, but I’m grateful that he did not teach me everything I could have learned easily… or I would have forgotten them so swiftly.

You see, Daddies don’t teach you everything. You read between the lines. You learn some things on your own. You learn as you grow older. You learn when they’re gone and then you remember… Oh, that’s what he was trying to instill in me all along.




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