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Pulmuone’s King-sized Dumplings

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A few week’s ago, I tried to cook 떡국 (tteokguk: rice cake soup), but since we had a pack of 왕만두 (wang mandu: king-sized dumpling), which we bought from Homeplus, I decided to make 떡만두국 (tteok mandu guk: rice cake and dumpling soup) instead.

I followed the tteokguk recipe from and just added the dumplings. The soup was fantastic! My husband ate a lot. ^^

The dumplings I used are Pulmuone‘s wang mandu or king-sized dumplings. Pulmuone is our favorite brand of dumplings. It is more expensive than other brands, but Pulmuone’s dumplings are bigger, meatier and tastier… perfect for tteok mandu guk if you don’t know how to make your own dumplings. (My husband and I made dumplings before, but they didn’t taste so good and were ABNORMALLY GIGANTIC that it took a long time for them to steam.)

1. 4 kg of Pulmuone’s king-sized mandu costs 10,880 KRW (9.73 USD) (405.61 PHP).

You can also buy 700 g worth 7,880 KRW (7.05 USD) (293.77 PHP).

This is how big the king-sized dumpling is.

There are different kinds of dumplings in Korea. When dumplings are fried, they are called 군만두 (gunmandu). If boiled, they are 물만두 (mulmandu). Steamed dumplings are 찐만두 ( jjinmandu).
You can either steam or boil 왕만두 (wang mandu), but you can’t fry them, because they’re so big and stuffed that they won’t cook well.

Mandu are stuffed with minced meat, tofu, green onions, garlic and ginger… sometimes kimchi. They are usually served with soysauce, vinegar and chilli/chilli powder/pepper.

Try Pulmuone’s king-sized dumplings. Two or three pieces are enough to make you full. ^^


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