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Heattech for Winter

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Alas! The season that my husband and I both dread has begun. To keep us warm in this awfully nippy weather, I have prepared our thick blankets and some winter clothes that we will be wearing until February, and taken our coats and jackets out of the closet to be brought to the laundry shop tomorrow. I have done a little winter shopping yesterday, which took me almost 6 hours! Hubby wasn’t with me, so I could stay at the mall until closing time. ㅋㅋㅋ ^^

In Lotte Department store, there are a lot of things on sale, mostly winter apparel. Thermal underclothes are pricey, though. In fact, a set including the shirt and the bottom costs more than a pair of DAKS leather gloves!

I went to Uniqlo to buy Heattech shirts for me and my husband. I bought one last year and I liked wearing it, because it kept my body warm.

Unlike other thermal underclothes that are so tight they make you feel like you are wearing Catwoman‘s leather costume, Uniqlo‘s Heattech provides a nice snug fit. Though it stretches like a pair of stockings in your body, the material feels very light and comfy.

Heattech is called the “Japan technology wear”, I suppose, because Japan pioneered it. It is famous for its seven “technologies” (functions):

I like Heattech’s turtle neck shirt best, because when I wear it, I don’t usually need a thick and heavy scarf  to keep my neck warm.

There are several styles and colors of Heattech shirts to choose from: three-quarter sleeves; long sleeves with crew neck, turtle neck, and V-neck; short sleeves and camisoles for women. There are also various designs of Heattech tights, leggings, leg warmers and shorts that I haven’t tried yet… and yes, bra tops and panties, too. ^^ I have tons of leggings and leg warmers in the closet waiting to be worn this winter, but I would like to try Heattech, so I’m going back to Uniqlo next week to buy me a pair or two.




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