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Ashley’s Cheesecake


I looove cheesecake! ^^ Here in Korea, my favorite cheesecake is the one from Ashley. My husband likes it, too. In fact, every year on our wedding anniversary, hubby buys cheesecake and wine for our simple celebration at home. It has become an anniversary tradition.

On our 100th day wedding anniversary ^^

My “sweet” husband set the table for some cake and wine. ^^

On our first wedding anniversary ^^

On White Day ^^

Ashley’s cheese cake doesn’t look as mouth-watering as other cakes in Korea that are colorful and beautifully decorated. It looks like a piece of bread (or cheese) when sliced, but wait until you taste it. It’s creamy, moist, smooth and very delicious. Hubby and I can finish half of the whole cake in one sitting.

This is the way we like to eat our cake. ^^

Last Sunday, we had early dinner in Ashley. (It was supposed to be a lunch date, but we woke up at 3 PM and left the house around 5.) Ashley is an American grill and salad buffet restaurant. I like most of the salads, but sometimes the menu is changed, and some salads are replaced with other dishes. This time, the theme of the menu is Color Fall Story, so when we ate there, there were more salads to enjoy. I must have eaten too much, so when it was time for dessert, I barely had “space” for cake. Hubby and I had coffee and talked for a while. Later, we got some nachos and cake… and more coffee. ^^ I must have had five or six slices of cheese cake!

There’s also chocolate cake in Ashley, but I don’t like chocolate cake that much.

You can order cake to-go from Ashley. I think it’s a nice gift to give to a friend if you’ve been invited to lunch or dinner.

9 thoughts on “Ashley’s Cheesecake

  1. yeah,..great idea.. i will tell these to my bf..hehehe
    thanks BTW..^_^


  2. Why not go to Ashley on one of your dates? I’m sure he’ll love the cheese cake there. ^^


  3. Hi, Alodia. ^^ You should try Paris Baguette’s cheese cake, too. It’s softer than Ashley’s, but Ashley’s cheese cake is still number 1 for me here in SK. ^^


  4. wow cheesecake.. ohh i remember my bf’s fave is cheesecake,, ^_^


  5. Ek! Been to Ashley once but I didn’t know that their cheesecake is THIS nice! ㅠㅠ It’s now on my a-must list when I go back there. 🙂


  6. I like reading the recipes in your blog, too. More power to you! ^^


  7. Hi, K-Ann. ^^ Thanks for following my blog. ^^ I don’t think they deliver cakes in Ashley. Why not send him something he might like from the Philippines, let’s say his favorite cologne, coffee, snacks? If you send them earlier, he might receive them before his birthday.


  8. Hi! I’m K-ann from Mexico, Philippines! I really like reading your blog because it updates me with lots of stuff that can be useful for my teaching as well as to have a glimpse of Korea. ^_^ My bf(a Filipino worker) is working in Gyeonggido and I really want to do something special on his upcoming bday this December. This Cheesecake just sound awesome since like you he doesn’t like chocolate.Do you think it is possible for me to pay it through online and have it delivered to my bf’s company?


  9. Thank you for the pingback! Very nice to read your story, and cheesecake, what can you say!! YUMMMM


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