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Who Snores Now, Huh?



When I woke up this morning, the first thing I saw was my husband’s cell phone held up right in front of my face. I was furious: “What the… were you recording me while I was sleeping?”

Oblivious of my annoyance, he responded, “Yes, because you don’t want to believe (me when I say) that you snore.”


“Give me that!” I grabbed the phone from him. Thank God, I was able to control that strong urge to throw his expensive phone to the floor. “You are so mean! Where did you save it? I can’t find it.”

“Huk! I didn’t save it.” He sure wasn’t apologetic.

I gave him a long vicious look before I tossed him the phone, retreated to the furthest side of the bed and pulled the blanket over my head, so he couldn’t record me sleeping or snoring.


For days, my husband has been telling me that I often snore and it wakes him up. Duh! He snores like a lawn mower most of the time, and I don’t even complain! Well, not since my Mom told me that it’s normal for men to snore when they are spent, so I should try to be more understanding and not complain about it or hit him in the face when his snoring disturbs my peaceful slumber. I swear, I don’t hit him anymore.

All right, all right… so I was the first one to do that! I was the first to record him while he was snoring, and I haven’t deleted the videos though he told me to. I didn’t keep the videos to embarrass him. I’m keeping them as, uh… souvenirs. ^^ I’m not such a meanie to upload them to Youtube or share them on Facebook, and I’m certainly not going to post them here to my blog even if I told him I would if he pisses me off, and yes, he did piss me off… this morning!

I recorded his snoring, because I thought it was funny, and I wanted him to see and hear it for himself. I wanted him to realize that despite his cacophonous snorting, I would still sleep with him and love every moment that we lie next to each other… and maybe, since now that I know I tend to snore, too, when I’m exhausted, we could include in our vows: for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, even when we snore like h*** in our sleep, until death do us part. 

1When I had gone back to bed this morning, he noticed that I was upset, because I didn’t lie down facing him or snuggle into him like I always do when I suddenly wake up and go back to sleep, so he pulled me closer and embraced me. Kissing me gently on the head, he said, “Let’s sleep.”

I don’t know if I snored again after that and if he woke up from the noise, but I do remember something that he said when he told me for the first time that I sometimes snore in my sleep (and I was in denial): “Don’t worry… even when you snore, I (still) love you. I love your snore. I love your fart. I love your everything.”

This morning, I was so angry that all I could tell him after he urged me to go back to sleep was, “Don’t talk to me!”

After reflecting on my actions today, what I really want to tell him are these words:

I love you, too, Ra Hyoung Kwan… I love your snore. I love your fart. (Just don’t fart in my face.) I love how funny and caring and sweet you are. I love you even when you make mistakes or when you forget something and then I get upset. I love how you say, “I’m sorry” INDIRECTLY, because I know you mean it. I love you when you take my hand and dance with me with your two left feet. I love you when you sing me to sleep or rub my tummy when it hurts, like I was your baby, and yes, you even call me that. I love you even when you go bald, so don’t you worry and keep checking your thinning hair. I love you that even after what you did this morning, I have already forgiven you. (Just don’t do it again. You know I hate closeups.)

5 thoughts on “Who Snores Now, Huh?

  1. I deleted my Blogspot account some time ago. However, I saved the link from the blog and it appears to still be active. I don’t understand what I did wrong. I cannot get to the blog by typing in the original address, but I can by following the link. I want this thing permanently deleted. Can anyone tell me how to do that?.


  2. I’m lucky I have a kind and loving husband. =)


  3. Wait, you recorded him snoring and then got mad when he joked about doing the same thing to you? You’re lucky you’re beautiful.


  4. I’m not the only one after all. ^^


  5. hahahaha my husband knows when im really tired because i end up snoring even if i really dont shore on a regular day kkkkk


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