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Honey, Thanks for the Additional Calories! ^^

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I have gained so much weight lately. This morning, I was whining about how I’ve turned to size 66 (medium) from size 55 (small) in just a few months. I wanted to cry as I was telling my husband that most of my old clothes don’t fit me, but what could a man say to a woman who feels like it’s the end of the world just because she has gained weight?

He simply listened, or maybe pretended that he was listening, and when he wasn’t saying anything to make me feel better, I had to console myself: “When my health is back to normal, and I don’t have to take medicine anymore,  I AM GOING TO DO WHAT IT TAKES TO HAVE MY OLD BODY BACK.”

He embraced and kissed me, but how I wish he had not spoken a word: “You can do that. You can (turn to) make size 44 if you want.”

“Honey, I said my size was 55.”

“How about make 44 (extra small)?”

“Are you kidding me? The common size for women in Korea is 55.”

“Some women are 44.”

“Maybe they are anorexic. Do you want me to be abnormally skinny like them?”

“Of course not. Did you see the size 44 woman from 화성인 바이러스? There’s 33, too.”

“The woman with no boobs and no booty? Don’t tell me you like women like that.”

“Nooo! Only you.”

More hugs and kisses, and before I could hit him for bringing up the 44 and 33 sizes, he went back to sleep.

I’d like to blame my gaining weight on the medicine I’m currently taking, which according to the doctor will make me fat, but then there’s my husband who is to blame for showering me with sweets and also myself for giving in to sweets.


From the start of this year, I have been snacking on cakes and chocolates. The temptation is unrelenting! Who could resist the blueberry yogurt cake that hubby brought home on New Year’s Eve?


Though the white chocolate cake I bought on Valentine’s Day was for him, I ended up eating most of it.


On our last wedding anniversary, which was last month, he bought me chocolates and tiramisu.


On White Day, March 14th, he bought me a chocolate cake which I had to eat all by myself, because hubby doesn’t like cake. Gosh, imagine eating a slice of choco cake everyday for two weeks!


This afternoon, right after I promised myself that I won’t eat sweets while on med, I found the chocolates he gave me on White Day, lying on my dresser, and it had that “imaginary” EAT ME” sign. I felt like I was Alice in Kimchi-wonderland; I just had to try some of those 미니쉘! I’m telling you they’re delicious, and now I’m eating more.


Okay, so I’m going to finish these chocolates, and after today, I WILL NOT EAT SWEETS! (Fingers crossed while munching chocolates ^^)

Oh, wait… I’ve got a message from my husband.


Darn it, it’s my favorite, gamja tang (spicy pork bone soup)! How can I resist the invitation?


Well, at least it’s not sweet. ^^

Besides, “plump” women can be beautiful, too. What is it about size anyway? I’m not saying this to make myself feel good/better. Just a teeny weeny bit maybe. One thing is for sure, I am still G-O -R-G-E-O-U-S. =)


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