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행복한 부활절이 되시길! (Happy Easter!) ^^

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When I was a little girl, Easter Sunday was more like Christmas. Our neighbor, an old woman who loves children, would invite kids over for Easter Egg Hunt.  It was so much fun hunting for painted eggs in her lovely garden. The child who found the most number of eggs got the prize, but there were also prizes for “Little Miss Philippines“,  a pageant for little girls that me, my sister and my cousins imitated from a famous noontime show called “Eat Bulaga” and we used to play when we were younger. The children were not the only ones having fun then; the grown-ups were also entertained. Isn’t that what Easter is for, to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Savior?

Here in South Korea, Easter Sunday is just like any other typical day, and so is the rest of the Holy Week.  Easter is not a national holiday here, but this doesn’t mean that Koreans don’t celebrate it. Some Christians go to church to attend a special Holy Mass. My husband recalls that when he was a little boy, he was given Easter eggs at church. His parents attended worship.

When I was teaching kindergarten in Korea, our students had an Easter Party. They played games and searched for Easter eggs that they painted themselves. The teachers hid the eggs in the classrooms after the kids decorated them. Some students came to school wearing Easter Bunny costumes. It wasn’t mandatory, but parents could afford to buy the costumes. It’s an expensive school after all.


Today, my husband and I have no special activity for Easter. It’s a normal Sunday for us. We woke up late, had late lunch and stayed up late to watch movies. We were halfway through the first movie, “Hansel and Gretel“, when I realized that it’s Easter Sunday and we have been watching an action-horror film.

Anyway, 행복한 부활절이 되시길! Happy Easter, everyone!

God bless us all. =)



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