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Philippine Buses Offer Free WiFi


One thing I love about South Korea is that WiFi is almost everywhere and internet connectivity is really fast. I used to wish there would be WiFi anywhere in the Philippines and that I don’t have to wait for minutes before I can connect to the internet. At least, the first wish has been granted.

My husband and I were surprised when we took a Victory Liner bus from Pasay (Manila) to Dau (Pampanga) last week. We noticed the WiFi sign on the bus, so we tried using his smart phone and my tab. There really was WiFi connection and it was faster than we expected!


That’s my husband right there, taking care of our luggage, while I was interviewing “manong” driver. The driver thought I was a newspaper reporter… ㅋㅋㅋ

I was told that many provincial buses in the Philippines have been offering WiFi services for some years now. Isn’t this great?

My husband and I used to take a nap every time we took a Philippine bus, but last time, we enjoyed the bus ride, playing internet games and surfing the net.

I wish this free Wi-Fi service would also be available in jeepneys and tricycles. ^^

4 thoughts on “Philippine Buses Offer Free WiFi

  1. Thank you for the reminder, Lyndsay. =)


  2. Just be vigilant because this could also an opportunities for thieves to get thei hand on your gadgets. Be careful.


  3. We stayed in the Phils. for a week. ^^

    OO nga, kung meron ang mga jeepneys and trike, mas madaming makakagamit sa free WiFi service, but being able to use WiFi on a Philippine bus is already a great thing. Mas mabilis pa kesa WiFi sa bahay. =)


  4. Oh. I didn’t know you’re here in the Philippines. Yes, I went to EK last year and was surprised that the bus traveling Manila-Laguna-Manila offers wifi, too. I have the same wish with jeepneys and tricycles, too Haha!


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