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Foreigner’s Free Driver’s License Classes


PHOTO_0024Good news to those who have never driven before or would like to drive in Korea! ^^

Several police stations in Seoul are providing free driver’s license classes for foreigners in South Korea. One of my classmates in Yeoksam is taking up the course and he shared the information with me.

Here is a list of police stations that offer the program:

drive modified

For inquiries or registration, you may contact any of the police stations listed above. You will need a valid visa for the entire course. The classes are designed to prepare you with the theoretical knowledge that will help you pass the written examination for obtaining a driver’s license in South Korea.  The textbook and the classes are all free of charge! Driving schools usually charge 800,000 KRW (almost 719 USD) (almost 30,000 PHP). Classes will be in Korean. 

The written examination for getting a driver’s license is not included in the program. To take the written exam, you will have to pay 11,000 KRW (around 10 USD/410 PHP) and present your ALIEN REGISTRATION CARD (ARC) or passport. The written exam is translated in 10 languages: English, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Indonesian, Thai, Mongol and Russian.


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10 thoughts on “Foreigner’s Free Driver’s License Classes

  1. Is there any in Daegu? Please share some information number to inquire if some free classes are available in Daegu?

    Will Highly appreciate it!


  2. Thanks for the info…is it still available now


  3. Hi! Can we exchange our phil. Drivers license to.korean license? Any info? Thank u


  4. Hi, Chris. =) Thanks. ^^ I’ve read your post on driving, and my, you’ve covered a lot of things there… very informative. =)


  5. haha – WOW!!! This is perfect timing with the post I just made on my blog! I’m going to link this info. Thanks! This is great to know!


  6. Not yet sis! I have to re-take the exam within three months kung hindi, I will be kicked out of my driving school and forever be teased by my silly husband.. Kaka-pressure dba.. Lol


  7. Hi, Deym. ^^ Mahirap nga daw talaga ang Korean driving license exam, especially sa mga foreigners. I suppose you’ve got your license now?


  8. Here in Daegu, they provide free driving written exams every quarter. For a “korean chal mot heun saram” like me, I couldnt take it because of my limited knowledge in Korean language. Most of them provide it in Korean language only. I did my own studying myself and one of our fellow filipina sent me her English textbook. I had the written driving test once and I failed! Oh gosh, its harder than I thought. Haha oh well, this such a good info. Thanks dear~~♥


  9. Hi, Carina. =) You can ask the police dept. in Daejon if they are offering this class.


  10. im here in daejeon but i want to learn how to drive,where can i go


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