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A Letter to Daddy (on Father’s Day)


Dear Daddy,
daddyI remember when I was young, you sat me on your lap, and you said that someday I will meet somebody I will fall in love with. It doesn’t matter whether or not he is rich or handsome or has a degree… as long as he is a good man and he will love and respect me; make me happy and won’t hurt me.

Daddy, I married that man. I love him and he loves me dearly. We respect each other despite our differences. We laugh and cry together, but most of our days are filled with laughter. He makes me happy and takes good care of me. I care about him a lot, so I try to be the good wife Mommy was to you.

Sometimes I tell him, he reminds me of you… when he rubs my tummy every time it hurts… when he tucks me in and sings to me when I can’t sleep… when he tells me a cheesy joke… when he lectures me about something without raising his voice or sounding authoritarian.


You have never met him, but I’m sure you would have liked him if you did… and he would have liked you, too.

Thank you for that day you sat me on your lap and told me one of the most important lessons on “finding true love”. Though you couldn’t be there to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day, at least I know that the man I married is the kind of man you want me to spend the rest of my life with… so don’t you worry about your baby girl. I’m happy, Daddy. You will always see me smile. =)

I love you and I often remember you and everything you have taught me.

Much love from your daughter who misses you,



5 thoughts on “A Letter to Daddy (on Father’s Day)

  1. Nice.^^ He must be proud of you, and for sure he’s happy watching you from above. This reminds of my father. He passed away last year. So, I can relate you somehow.


  2. Happy father’s day to your Papa, too. ^^


  3. I miss my papa too


  4. Thank you, Brandy. Yes, he is an amazing man. =)


  5. What a beautiful tribute to your father! He sounds amazing.


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