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Filipino Singer/Performer Needed in Gwangju


An event in Gwangju set this month requires a Filipino singer or performer

Mr. Roderico Atienza, First Secretary and Consul of the Philippine embassy in Seoul, posted this on the Embassy of the Philippines Seoul’s Facebook homepage:


The Organizing Committee of the Respected Yoon Han Bong Commemorative Project is looking for a Philippine-born individual, male or female, who is willing to perform a folk or traditional Philippine song or dance at the seminar room of the Committee’s office at 6 pm on 19th July (Friday) in Gwangju City, Jeollanamdo. The late Yoon Han Bong, often called “the last fugitive” for having escaped the military dictatorship attempting to arrest him for his involvement in the Gwangju People’s Uprising of 18 May 1980. This Uprising, while ending in failure, marked a watershed in the modern democracy movement and more than decade of activism in South Korea. The efforts of grassroots leaders like Yoon Han Bong, who continued his human rights and social justice activism in the Korean American movement after being granted political asylum in the U.S., led to the end of a series of military dictatorships in South Korea.

The performance will cap the lecture on Philippine culture and history to be delivered by Prof. Kim Dong Yeop, political science specialist from Busan University of Foreign Studies. Apart from the lecture and the Filipino folk song or -dance performance, a film about Jose Rizal will be screened.

This is a great opportunity to share our rich Filipino heritage through music. If you are interested, you may contact Mr. Park at 010-3621-8998.


12 thoughts on “Filipino Singer/Performer Needed in Gwangju

  1. Oo nga eh. I actually called but I was the only one who gave him a ring about this matter.:-) He cancelled it due to insufficiency of performers. Gusto nya many Filipinos mag.participate.


  2. Oo nga eh. I actually called but I was the only one who gave him a ring about this matter.:-) He cancelled it due to insufficiency of performers. Gusto nya many Filipinos mag.participate. 🙂


  3. Sayang, just read this now.. how can i received posts regarding sa mga ganitong event. I am very much interested. I am a Latin Dance teacher , Performer and lounge singer in Manila before. I missed performing.. haha…


  4. Sayang naman. Andaming mga Pinoy ang kumakanta dito sa Korea. Siguro di lang nakita ang ad ng mas maaga. Anyway, may next event pa naman and ikaw niyan ang unang tatawagan. Thanks for informing me. ^^


  5. Ate cris, unfortunately kinancel yung event nato kasi daw he didn’t find more Filipino performers. Aq lng daw yung sa kanya. He just called my husband to say thanks for reaching him. In this event sana, He aimed to educate daw koreans about Philippine culture coz many are not cognizant. Next time nlng daw,mas early xa mag.aadvertise para marami. Tas invite niya daw kami ng husband ko. He’ll shoulder our transpo and stuffs hehe


  6. Maraming salamat. ^^ I am happy that you find the blog quite useful… and talagang alam mo ang contents. =) Tama ka, mas madali ang pag-adjust sa buhay dito sa Korea kung supportive ang husband. Mapalad tayo at mababait and responsible ang mga husbands natin. Most of all, they give us the support we need. Sa kasalukuyan, nag-aaral pa din ako ng Korean language. Patigil-tigil kasi naging busy with work and may katamaran din, pero later on, nang magtagal na ako dito, na-realize ko na kailangan ko talagang mag-aral ng Korean kahit pa English ang communication namin ng hubby ko. Buti naman you have the motivation to study Korean by yourself. Good luck and take care. ^^


  7. Okay ate cris. Thanks for the info hehe. By the way, super thanks sa help. Following the threads on your blog really helped me a lot especially sa pag.process ng papers ko for my f6 visa. I’m attending the Happy start program for foreign spouses this July 25. Tama ka. Guys are very intimate here, like holding hands while walking. Haha. Tas hugging. Tsaka, Language barrier really impedes or deters what I usually do here but I’m glad that my ever supportive husband offers his translation services for free. (Oh on second thought, maybe not complimentary? May Massage na kapalit pala hehe)

    it was good that I had a bit of self study sa korean language prior to coming here. Mejo napipick up ko yung familiar vocabs whenever I hear them and then figure out the rest of the words in the sentence. Tas marami namang English words pala dito hehe. Like bus terminal, cherry, u-turn, etc. Moreover, mas nice talaga if the husband has gotten your back. 🙂

    I’ve been patronizing your blog and I will continue to do so kasi it really is very relevant. 🙂 keep ’em coming


  8. I think it’s a good song for the event. ^^


  9. There’s no particular genre, ate cris hehe. Pero I was a choir member singing alto so medyo medium-ranged ako. I sang a sentimental Filipino song when I played as “mother Philippines” during linggo ng wika years ago… I think the lyrics were “ibon man may layang lumipad… kulungin mo at umiiyak…” I forgot the title. Do u think this would be appropriate?or something else?:) just in case hehe


  10. Go for it! ^^ What genre do you usually sing?


  11. Thanks for the info, cris. ♥♥ I wonder what song would best suit this event… quite interested 🙂


  12. Thanks for the info, cris. ♥♥ I wonder what song would best suit this event… quite interested 🙂


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