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Speech Competition and Photo Contest for Filipinos in South Korea



August marks the celebration of the Filipino language. It is called Buwan ng Wika (National Language Month). Throughout the month, schools in the Philippines hold programs that give students the opportunity to share and appreciate their love for the Filipino language and culture. There are also various activities nationwide that promote Filipino patriotism. In line with the celebration of the Buwan ng Wika, the Embassy of the Philippines in Seoul will launch a Filipino Language Speech Contest and a Photo Contest here in South Korea.

Below are the contest details:

Filipino Language Speech Contest in South Korea


This contest is open to children of mixed parentage aged 12-16 years old. Interested and qualified students are all welcome to participate actively in this event which will be held on September 6th.

The contest aims to encourage multicultural children of mixed parentage (one parent being Filipino or former Filipino) to maintain and improve their knowledge and ability to speak and express themselves in the Filipino language and to share their personal experiences of coming from a bi-cultural household.

Filipinos comprise the third largest group of multicultural marriages in South Korea. As residents of Korea, the offspring of these marriages speak Korean, English or another language more often and have little or few opportunities to use the Filipino language or interact with their peers from the Philippines in the language of their Filipino parent. However, the few opportunities that are available need to be encouraged in order to ensure that these children do not lose completely their Filipino heritage as they enter adulthood.

Filipino children of mixed parentage (e.g. Filipino-Korean, Filipino-American), aged 12-16 (in natural age, not Korean age, by the date of the deadline) and living in South Korea (residence in Korea or elsewhere should be longer than residence in the Philippines), may participate by submitting an entry.

• Requirements 1. Printed speech of 3-4 minutes in the Filipino language; 2. Translation in either English or Korean language (as reference); 3. MP3 recording of the speech to be sent by email; 4. Duly filled-up application form; and 5. Copy of passport data page.

• Topics: 1. How can I promote friendship between the Philippines and Korea? 2. How can I promote Filipino culture and tourism in Korea? 3. My personal experience living/traveling in the Philippines; 4. Reflections on Philippine participation in the Korean War; or 5. Why do I think that it’s more fun in the Philippines.

• Time limit: 3-4 minutes • Evaluation: One round delivery of the speech, plus response to one question from the panel of judges • Evaluation criteria: o Enthusiasm for learning Filipino o Filipino language proficiency o Emphatic ability with audience • Props: Contestants can use props or make a power-point presentation if they so desire.

Deadline: 23 August 2013 List of Finalists: Notice will be made on 29 August 2013 by email. Time: Friday, 6 September 2013. Venue: Multipurpose Hall, Embassy of the Philippines in Seoul Prizes: • Two (2) economy-class tickets courtesy of Philippine Airlines; • Two-night stay in a hotel in Cebu; • Other prizes to be confirmed; • Small gifts for all participants

For more inquiries, emails may be sent to or via the Facebook page The application form can be downloaded from the FB page or from the Embassy of the Philippines website.



The National Language Commission (Komisyon ng Wikang Pambansa) has designated this year’s theme for the Buwan ng Wikang Pambansa as “Wika Natin ang Daang Matuwid.”

Any Filipino national or former Filipinno national currently living in Korea can participate in the photo contest by submitting the following:

1. One B&W (monochrome) photo reflecting an aspect of the Filipino’s life in Korea (regardless of background – multicultural, EPS, student, professional or dependent), using a digital camera of any specification; a. Printed on A4 size paper, with the name written in pencil at the back; b. Saved on a USB or disk as a JPG file of high quality; 2. A caption (quotation, sayings, aphorisms, maxims) in the Filipino language should accompany the photo and be appropriate to the overall theme of this year’s celebration of the National Language Month; 3. Copy of any valid identification (passport, driver’s license, social security, company ID, etc); and 4. Duly filled-up application form.

Judging of the quality of the entries, both on the quality of the photos and the accompanying caption, will be made by three judges (two Filipinos, one Korean). Depending on the number of entries, the Embassy may have a pre-selection stage after the deadline to limit the number of photos to be presented at the exhibition. The criteria are as follows:

TECHNICAL CRITERIA (50%) a. Focus/Sharpness b. Depth of Field c. Tonal Rendition d. Contrast e. Lighting

CONTENT (50%) a. Subject Impact b. Relevance to the Caption or Quote c. Composition d. Framing e. Background

Interested participants should submit their entries personally or by mail to the Embassy of the Philippines by 16 August 2013. Mailed entries should arrive at the Embassy by 6pm of this day.

All qualified entries (based on the complete submission of all the requirements) will be mounted and framed by the Embassy, and exhibited with the accompanying captions in Filipino and Korean at the Consular Section (1F) beginning 25 August 2013.

The awarding of the winning entries will be on 7 September 2013, at the same day as the First Filipino Language Speech Contest in Korea for children of mixed Filipino parentage. The three best entries will be awarded a prize based on the judges’ decision, to wit:

Grand Prize: 500,000 KRW 2nd Prize: 300,000 KRW 3rd Prize: 200,00 KRW

The Embassy of the Philippines will assume ownership of all entries, which will be put on temporary exhibition on the walls of the Consular Section with the names of their photographers.

We may live far from our homeland, but we can always relive our Filipino spirit. Good luck to all the participants and the organizers. Mabuhay ang Wikang Filipino! =)


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