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More Lenient Visa Rules for Filipino Tourists Visiting South Korea


1Good news for those who have been to South Korea and would like to visit the country again… ^^

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) in Manila has announced more lenient visa rules for Filipino tourists which have been carried out since September 1st of this year.

Filipino tourists who have visited South Korea at least once can now qualify for a one year-multiple-entry visa, whereas those who have visited the country at least twice are eligible for a three-year multiple-entry visa.

Tourists, coming from Southeast Asia, who formerly held a three-year multiple-entry visa, can apply for a five-year visa.

A few years ago, when I applied for a visa at the Korean embassy in the Philippines for the first time, I remember how scrupulous the whole process was. The Korean government was very strict on giving visas to Filipinos back then. After my first visit to Korea, I didn’t go back to the country for another visit, although I was invited by some Korean friends a couple of times, because I didn’t want to go through the tedious process of getting a tourist visa again. Only after I got married did I apply for another visa, a spouse visa.

This year, the number of Filipino tourists who have visited Korea has increased. With the new visa rules, the country is expecting more Filipinos to come.

The setting of new tourist visa rules may be South Korea’s way of attracting more visitors from Southeast Asian countries.


19 thoughts on “More Lenient Visa Rules for Filipino Tourists Visiting South Korea

  1. Hi. Ask ko lang what if im unemployed then i dont have an itr coz i used to work abroad but im travelling with my parents.. what should i do and will i get a hard time getting a visa?


  2. Ma’am,
    I currently and a US Department of Defense Employee (Corps of Engineers). I am married to a Philippino. My wife and I would like to have her mother visit for 30 days. Her mother has applied and will be recieving her Passport soon. I was told that she will be needing a visa to visit. Because she is not capable of travelling to Manila to acquire the necessary paperwork, is it possible for my wife and I to do all the paperwork here in S. Korea. And if so, could you please provide us direction on how to get started. We appreciate any help you could offer.


    Roger Kohls


  3. Hi ms i read on ur blog u said uve been invited by some of ur korean friend..i have a korean friend that inviting me to come there and visit korea,just want to know what are documents i need to prepare to get a visa cuz im unemployed and no bank cerificate cuz have no bank account have no itr i dont know what are other things i need to prepare besides its my friend will answer all my expenses from ticket upto accommodation and foods.he said i just need to prepare my u have any idea what are things i need to pass to get visa? thanks


  4. Hi. Since you are not married to him, you can’t be granted the spouse visa. Your child, however, may have the chance, if he adopts him or gets full custody, but this is a legal issue. I think it’s best you ask a lawyer who is aware of Korean family law.


  5. hello ms.cris! I wonder if you can help me with this. you said on your post that you are ELIGIBLE FOR THE PERMANENT RESIDENCE VISA if:
    •you are divorced or separated from a Korean spouse and you can prove that your Korean spouse is liable for the divorce or separation
    •you are rearing an underage child/children and you want to stay in Korea after being divorced/separated from your Korean spouse. Now my next question is how can I apply for the residence visa as well as what are the requirements needed. I was MAMBUGAN (previous name). And yes you’re right, my child is underage.
    Sorry if I have a lot of questions.


  6. I don’t think you’ll have a hard time getting the visa for you and your son. You can get multiple entry visa, since you have been to Korea many times in the past 2 years.


  7. Hi miss chris… i was the anonymous sender on october 7,2013.. i failed to fill up my email before posting..


  8. Hi miss chris… as i was reading blogs about kopino, i was strikened about your blog,liked it, interested and yearned to read more. I visited korea 3 times already once a year from 2010-2012, only this year i failed to make my schedule. I am a government employee here in the phil, i haven’t had a hard time when applying for my visa, all was granted. Next year, i have a plan to visit korea again, and this time with my 3 year old son,as requested by his father, he’s a kopino, with my korean bf.we’re in good terms, he acknowledged him and our son is using his family name.From time to time he visited us. The only sad news is that he’s not a “free” man.(got what i mean..he.he.). Just wondering “do you think we will be granted a visa? THANKS..


  9. According to the KTO FB homepage, the procedures and requirements are still the same… (but I suppose, not as tedious as it is when one is applying for the visa for the first time. ^^)


  10. Good day Ms Cris, I have already entered Korea once in 2011. So if I choose to take advantage of that multiple entry visa for a year, would I still have to undergo the same tedious process of visa application?


  11. Okay got it ms. Chris..i added u na po..=)


  12. Ahhh..Ok po..ill add u up po..whats ur profile name po?thanks!


  13. We don’t often go to the Filipino restaurants there. My husband doesn’t like Filipino food that much. I think I will be in Hyewa until 1 or 2. Let’s exchange messages on Facebook, so I can give you my number privately. ^^.


  14. It’s ok po ms cris.. I have been bc as well coz of Chuseok….hehe..Ah we are also planning to attend a Catholic mass there this coming Sunday..perfect timing!Do u know a good Filipino restaurant within the area coz i want to celebrate our “anniversary” lunch there po..hehe..then maybe we can meet for coffee po,around 3-4pm po?..Will that be ok with u?=)


  15. Hi, Oegukeen. =) South Korea updates its visa rules from time to time. In the announcement, the reason for changing the visa rules for Filipino tourists wasn’t stated.


  16. Hi, Ronica. ^^ I’ve been quite busy this Chuseok holiday… I didn’t see your message right away. Where are you staying? I’ll be going to Hyewadong this Sunday. If you’d like to meet somewhere near Hyewa church, I will be free after lunch.


  17. That’s nice. Do you know why they changed the rules? Has something happened in the bilateral relations?


  18. Hi ms cris!It’s me again and im visiting korea for 8 days starting tom..hehe..hope i could meet u at ur most convenient time..happy chuseok!


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