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Pepero Crazy

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As Pepero Day approaches, children, teens and young couples go crazy over pepero, chocolate-flavored cookie sticks that Koreans like to give to their friends, family and special someone on November 11th. Pepero Day is more like Valentine’s Day or White Day. A few days before the occasion, convenience and grocery stores, malls and candy stores are teeming with different flavors and brands of cookie sticks or any snack that resembles 11-11 (November 11). If you put together four sticks of pepero, they look like 2 sets of 11. ^^









19Candy, chocolate and cookie gift sets are also available.





11The most famous cookie stick in South Korea is manufactured by Lotte Confectionery, and guess what, the name of the cookie stick is pepero. Some Koreans say that Lotte started Pepero Day, but Lotte disacknowledges this claim. (Can you think of a more brilliant marketing strategy than coming up with a holiday that celebrates your product?)

There is another story about how Pepero Day started: four middle school students from Busan exchanged pepero sticks in 1994 to wish one another to be as slim and tall as pepero sticks.

In Japan, there is a day similar to Pepero Day called Pocky Day. It is also celebrated on November 11th. Yesterday, hubby and I went to Homeplus and found a lot of pocky gift sets. Pepero originated from pocky which is manufactured by Glico, a Japanese confectionery company, so it makes sense to see them being sold along with pepero.


13I am not a big fan of pepero, but I just have to try this new flavor I saw yesterday: white cookie!

6I prefer chocolates to cookie sticks, so I specifically told my husband to buy me chocolates instead of pepero sticks this Pepero Day. He said I might as well wait for White Day… hul! ^^


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  1. hi cris! can you tell me what’s the hangguk or korean word for PERSONAL BANK CERTIFICATE, INCOME TAX RETURN AND EMPLOYMENT CERTIFICATE. I will be needing it to process my visa. Thanks so much.


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