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“Let It Go” Parody (Koreanized Version)

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1There are too many covers and parodies of the song “Let It Go” on Youtube that have gone viral since the award-winning animated film “Frozen” hit theater screens. No wonder the track won Best Original Song at the 86th Academy Awards. Unlike some people who have watched the movie and can’t seem to “let go” of the famous soundtrack, I’m not really “addicted” to the song. There’s one parody, though, that I’ve found to be quite amusing. The Elsa impersonator is a Korean male! ^^

His Elsa moves are not that graceful and his lipsyching is not flawless, but he did a great job making me and my husband laugh, as well as more than a hundred thousand viewers of his video.

In the parody, you will see two other males who suddenly pop in to produce the props. They hurl snowflakes at Elsa and change his outfit in a silly but funny way. The video was featured recently in Star King, a popular variety show in South Korea that showcases amazing talents.

Check out his original video and a clip of his guesting on Starking. ^^




One thought on ““Let It Go” Parody (Koreanized Version)

  1. can you upload the one that a beautiful woman name’s Lena I guest,sing at the same time after them.


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