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"I carry your heart with me… always."

Gennie Kim on “Biyaheng Langit”

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Last month, she appeared on an award-winning documentary television program in the Philippines entitled “Biyaheng Bibimbap”. This month, she is seen again on another Filipino TV program called “Biyaheng Langit”. Genie Kim must be one of the most sought after Filipinos in South Korea to be interviewed by famous news and public affairs personalities like Howie Severino and Rey Langit, and it’s plain to see why. She has made a name for herself as the only Filipino broadcaster in South Korea who does not only entertain her fellow Pinoys on the radio, but also helps them by doing volunteer work and marriage counselling.

On “Biyaheng Langit”, Genie recalls her humble beginnings, from being a diligent factory worker to becoming a successful DJ on Kiss Radio. You can watch “Biyaheng Langit” featuring Gennie Kim on this link.

Congratulations, Ms. Gennie! May you continue to inspire Filipinos abroad to strive to become the best of what they can be.



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