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MICA’s First Live Performance on Superstar K6


Photo Source: MICA 미카 - Gollayan/Cercado Sisters

Photo Source: MICA 미카 – Gollayan/Cercado Sisters Facebook page

The sisters are still in! ^^ They got Filipino expats in Korea excited. Facebook walls are mostly about their exhilarating performance tonight. The girls sang “Maria”, original soundtrack of the romantic-comedy “미녀는 괴로워” (200 Pound Beauty). The judges gave them the second highest scores, and mostly positive feedbacks. With two female contenders, Foxstar  (여우별밴드) and Lee Haena (이해나), eliminated from the contest, MICA is the only remaining female finalist. Despite their high scores on tonight’s show, they are still on the 9th spot in the votes. Eliminations in every episode are based on votes, so even if the judges are in favor of them, they need more votes to move on to the grand finals. Well, as the show’s motto puts it, “Real miracles never stop”. MICA has gone this far. They made it to the Top 11 through wild card, and now they are part of the Top 9… let us keep supporting them by voting for them and promoting their group. Hopefully, we can get more votes even from non-Filipinos in Korea.

If you missed MICA’s performance tonight, here is the video uploaded on Youtube by Amazing MICA 미카 Hearts via Mnet.

While Filipinos are happy about MICA’s staying in the competition, some Korean netizens have already flooded Tweeter with negative posts about the group. For a country whose citizens are known for their nationalistic fervor, such reaction is understandable. Perhaps, in the weeks to come (hopefully MICA stays), those who bash these talented Filipino performers might just change their minds.


16 thoughts on “MICA’s First Live Performance on Superstar K6

  1. @Jay Jacinto If the judging was based on talent alone, they would still not win. The reason why they gave high scores is because they’re being generous due to them being the only non Koreans. Other contestants were better.
    Pure race? -_- wtf…
    I’ve heard other Filipinos sing better than them. They’re nothing special. It could be any other Filipino contestant and Filipinos would support them. Filipinos are supporting them b/c they’re Filipinos-that is being biased as well. So apparently Koreans can’t support Koreans?
    If YOU think Koreans don’t like Filipinos (which isn’t even completing true-why must you say it like that as if that opinion represents every Koreans), then don’t even bother trying enter Korean entertainment..
    Korea is in the process of becoming more multicultural. Mica got eliminated b/c they’re not good. If they were being biased based on race, why the hell did they save them early in one of the rounds so that they could keep competiting and making it into the top ten? If they were really being biased on race, then they would have let them go way earlier. Here’s the thing about Korean competitions, whenever there’s a foreigner, judges get afraid to eliminate them b/c of recieving comments that they’re racist even if the foreign contestants aren’t that good.


  2. Only one sister sang well, but it wasn’t even to the point of being special. They’re just decent. I don’t think it’s a good idea trying to stay in Korea, truthfully they won’t be able to debut. Even if they did, it would probably be after a hard process. They either have to fit into Korea’s beauty standards or be exceptionally talented-which these girls don’t really fit.


  3. Thank you. In my country, there have been several Koreans who joined talent contests and have gained support from Filipinos.


  4. My guess, MICA should be at least top 2. Go MICA. I value talents not races or …. And I m a Korean.


  5. Koreans are very intolerant of foreigners, especially Filipinos. The believe they are a “pure” race. This contest basically highlighted that fact. Despite the fact that there are 11 contestants, Koreans are in consensus that MICA should be the first one to go despite getting the second highest score from the judges. Korea is not ready for the world. The producers of Superstar K should seriously review if their country is already ready for the world. The only reason MICA is still in top 9 is because the Filipino and MICA fans are pretty solid. I would like to believe that based on talent alone, MICA will win this all the way… Except Korea. Why? Because 1. Their hatred and bias to Filipinos; 2. Because of the text votes – most texters are female. Almost all winners of Superstar K are males. 4. They believe MICA are professionals and use that an excuse not to vote for them (practically admitting that the other Koreans don’t stand a chance). 5. Simply because they are not Koreans.


  6. Hi, Leejinsung! ^^ I don’t think MICA has the same syle as BIG MAMA. I’ve never seen BIG MAMA sing and dance at the same time like what MICA does… but both of them can surely hit those high notes. Mamamoo, on the other hand, is your typical eye candy K-pop girl group. They are great performers, but their singing can’t compare with MICA’s powerful voices.


  7. As they say, we can’t please everybody.^^


  8. if some koreans didn’t like them.
    well,I wish them luck!

    i know if they are destined to win this competion in GOD’S will,they’ll win!


  9. MICA they dont even speak Korean, only simple comments that are kind of out of place. I agree they are talented and special, but they already have an old career, the eldest might have been singing longer than Lee Junhee has been alive. They are technically professionals already, but they qualified because they are still seen as amateurs, despite having won so many international awards. They said on the show that they never want to go back home, which I find strange. Do they want to become Korean eventually? Will they get plastic surgery? When judge Shin said they are good enough to be his back up singers, they simply accepted and said they want that, but as contestants to win a grand prize, I think it was NG. Their style is not even original in Korea, BIG MAMA and MAMAMOO come to mind. But I wish them luck, too,


  10. If I have extra time tonight, I might translate some. One of the comments I have read translated by a Filipina follower of their fan page is that the judges should not have chosen foreign contestants over Korean contestants.


  11. I wonder what the korean netizens say about them..




  13. mianhaeyo. i just saw the link just now heheh. thanks.


  14. annyeong haseyo! gamsahabnida for the post. i’ve been following these girls for a month now from the day they were noticed during the audition. anyway, is there a clip or video you can include in your post so we can see it too. superstark.mnet still didn’t put their live performance show, i only saw it in youtube but it doesn’t have any comments or it didnt show the score they got and the explanations as to why. for sure, i’ll be following their journey thru your blog. =)


  15. I thought all of korea netizens are kind, but i guess im wrong 😭😭😭


  16. I thought all of korea netizens are kind, but i guest im wrong 😭😭😭


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