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Not Chili, Silly!


My father-in-law is a sucker for chili. Our fridge never runs out of chilies, because he eats them as appetizers. Whenever I go to the Philippines, he always asks me to bring him siling labuyo (wild chili). He says he prefers wild chili from the Philippines because they are spicier than Korean chili.

About a week ago, he found what appeared to be small chili peppers outside our apartment. He was so excited that he picked some and ate them as a side dish without consulting me first if they were indeed siling labuyo.

When hubby and I got home and joined his parents for dinner, my father-in-law complained about his harvest: “These chili pepper is not spicy at all. It tastes strange.”

In a bowl, there were some 풋고추 (green chili pepper), which he usually eats with 고추장 (hot pepper paste) and a few pieces of fruit that look like red wild chili from my country. As I don’t eat chili, I didn’t taste them. My husband did. It turns out that they are not chili. We have no idea what they are, but they really look like siling labuyo.

Poor 아버님 (father-in-law)! He was so disappointed, but good thing he wasn’t poisoned.

I know that he has been craving siling labuyo, but I couldn’t bring him some when I got back from vacation.

What do you think these are?


This is how the plant looks like.


This is how Philippine wild chili looks like.

Don’t they look similar?


6 thoughts on “Not Chili, Silly!

  1. Its always better to be on the safe side and besides they dont taste so good anyways 🙂

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  2. Someone told me they are called cucumber pepper, and they are edible… don’t wanna take any chances, though. I don’t wanna be blamed if Abonim gets sick from eating them, so I just told him they can be poisonous… Haha!

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  3. I can not say as it probably also depends on the kind you got there. The once we get here we can also use for cooking but things might be totally different with your plant 🙂


  4. Oh, so they are edible. Are they just for decoration or can be cooked, too?


  5. I think they are the decorative ones. Here in Europe you can buy these bushes also and use the peppers however they are barely any spicy if at all!


  6. I think here in US they are for decoration only. Like decorative peppers, not to eat…. 🙂


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