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Nature Republic’s BB Cream for Men

I saw this BB cream for men while I was shopping for pasalubong (gift) in Nature Republic. It was on sale, along with sunscreen, so I was thinking of buying a set for my uncle who is crazy about Korean cosmetics… but when I dabbed a little of the sample on my hand, I figured that he would not use it, because it’s tinted and creamy just like any regular BB cream. Since men don’t usually wear make up, I was expecting a different kind of BB cream for them, maybe one that doesn’t have much of the color of a typical BB cream and with thinner consistency, but Nature Republic’s BB cream for men is not that different from the BB cream women use.

The two smallet blots are samples of BB cream for women, while the bigger blot is BB cream for men.

The blot in the middle is BB cream for men, while the two are BB cream for women. They have the same consistency.


Nature Republic’s Pleasure Garden Sports BB cream for Men has only one shade, but it has a higher SPF. The regular price in Korea is around 11.20 USD.

I was told that a lot of young men in Korea use BB cream to get that flawless K-pop idol look. I remember watching a Korean TV show once that featured a Korean man addicted to it. On Youtube, you will find several videos of men talking about their favorite BB cream.

Who says BB cream is only for women?

If you would like to start using BB cream but you have never worn make up your whole life, this tutorial will help you with the basics. ^^


Aritaum’s Wannabe Longwear Shadow Stick

I love make-up with sparkles! ^^ A few days ago, I went make-up shopping in Aritaum and found these eye shadow sticks on sale. For 6, 500 KRW (5.74 USD) (248.43 PHP), you get two eye shadow sticks.


What I like about this product is that the tiny sparkles last for hours and make a fantastic shimmer effect on my daytime make-up. Sometimes, I use it on my cheeks, too. I am allergic to shimmer powder or shimmer blush, that’s why I use matte blush. Matte can be dull, so to add a little “glow” to my cheeks, I dab a little eye shimmer before applying blush.

Aritaum’s wannabe longwear shadow stick comes in eight different shades.  I don’t like to wear heavy eye shadow, so I chose the lightest shades, pink and gold. Here is how pink looks like. It’s perfect for nude make-up. I didn’t put on make-up today, so I dabbed a sample on my hand.


The eye shadow stick comes with a flat brush applicator. I don’t use it often. The eye shadow applies evenly that there is no need to blend.


If you are looking for a cheaper eye shimmer that is easy to apply and stays longer, you may want to try Aritaum’s wannabe longwear shadow stick. They are still on sale. ^^