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Much Ado about White Day

Today is White Day, 화이트데이 (hwaiteu dei) in Korean. White Day is another special day for couples celebrated on March 14th in some countries in Asia including South Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan. White Day is similar to Western-style Valentine’s Day wherein men give chocolates, candies, flowers or gifts to their ladylove.

Here in South Korea, White Day is considered as one of the unduly commercialized occasions as convenience stores, marts, bakeries and almost every shop or store you can find sell chocolates and candies that are beautifully decorated, wrapped or repacked. Some of these goodies are unbelievably costly. No wonder there are a few people buying White Day presents in downtown Seoul this year, according to The Korea Times.


A convenience store right in front of our apartment is prepped for White Day two days before the occasion.

White Day was first introduced in Japan in 1978, a year after a Fukuoka-based confectionery company started Marshmallow Day on March 14th wherein men were encouraged to give marshmallows to their special someone as a symbol of pure love. White signifies purity, so the confectionary company thought white marshmallows would make a great representation of love. Marshmallow Day, however, didn’t turn out to be  a success, so some companies promoted white chocolates. Men began giving their sweethearts white chocolates or white candies, and later on, dark chocolates. Today’s White Day gift doesn’t have to be “white” as there is a variety of gifts available anywhere from simple treats to more extravagant presents such as bouquets, stuffed toys, jewelry, etc.

My husband and I went to Homeplus a few days ago and found a candy station made specially for White Day. Look at all these colorful candies! ^^

My husband and I went to Homeplus a few days ago and found a candy station made specially for White Day. Look at all these colorful candies! ^^

White Day is not only for couples. Friends, families and workmates also reciprocate Valentine’s Day and White Day gifts. If a female friend or a colleague gives a man a gift on Valentine’s Day, it is common etiquette for him to give her something in return on White Day. The same thing goes for the woman who is given a present on White Day. A simple chocolate or candy bar can already make a friend or a colleague happy. I got mine early… from a friend from Japan.^^


More lavish gifts or handmade chocolates are usually given to a special someone. My husband tried to make a brownie for me three years ago, but it turned out like this… T.T


Well, at least he tried. Kudos for the effort! ^^

My husband is not the romantic type, but he always tries his best to make me feel special. Today, I found some of my favorite chocolates on my dresser. He said he bought them a few days ago, but I know that he went out to buy them while I was busy updating my blog. It doesn’t matter anyway… he made the day complete. ♡♥♡


I hope everyone gets to enjoy White Day, not only women who are pampered with goodies or gifts, but all women in the world who deserve a smile or a hug.



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Pepero Crazy

As Pepero Day approaches, children, teens and young couples go crazy over pepero, chocolate-flavored cookie sticks that Koreans like to give to their friends, family and special someone on November 11th. Pepero Day is more like Valentine’s Day or White Day. A few days before the occasion, convenience and grocery stores, malls and candy stores are teeming with different flavors and brands of cookie sticks or any snack that resembles 11-11 (November 11). If you put together four sticks of pepero, they look like 2 sets of 11. ^^









19Candy, chocolate and cookie gift sets are also available.





11The most famous cookie stick in South Korea is manufactured by Lotte Confectionery, and guess what, the name of the cookie stick is pepero. Some Koreans say that Lotte started Pepero Day, but Lotte disacknowledges this claim. (Can you think of a more brilliant marketing strategy than coming up with a holiday that celebrates your product?)

There is another story about how Pepero Day started: four middle school students from Busan exchanged pepero sticks in 1994 to wish one another to be as slim and tall as pepero sticks.

In Japan, there is a day similar to Pepero Day called Pocky Day. It is also celebrated on November 11th. Yesterday, hubby and I went to Homeplus and found a lot of pocky gift sets. Pepero originated from pocky which is manufactured by Glico, a Japanese confectionery company, so it makes sense to see them being sold along with pepero.


13I am not a big fan of pepero, but I just have to try this new flavor I saw yesterday: white cookie!

6I prefer chocolates to cookie sticks, so I specifically told my husband to buy me chocolates instead of pepero sticks this Pepero Day. He said I might as well wait for White Day… hul! ^^


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