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Teachers’ Day in SK

Today is a special day for teachers in South Korea. May 15th has been celebrated as Teachers’ Day in SK since 1963 in Seoul and 1964 in Chunju.

On this day, students give their teachers carnations, just like what children give their parents on Parents’ Day. Some schools finish classes earlier to allow teachers to enjoy the rest of the day.

Last time, I got a basket of pink carnations, a pen with the figure of a student and a pink lip gloss from my husband’s nephew who was my tutee. Some of my students in the hagwon wrote short thank-you letters and placed them on my desk. Some of them gave chocolates and hand-made carnations.




Parents’ Day in SK

Tomorrow is Parents’ Day in South Korea. May 8 was originally Mother’s Day in SK, but after some time, it has been called Parents’ Day, so that fathers can also be thanked and honored.

Although Parents’ Day is not a national holiday like Children’s Day which is celebrated in the same month, Koreans consider 어버이 날 a very special day.

In schools, children make cards and paper flowers to give to their parents.

Teenagers and adults buy carnations or roses. Some of them take their parents out for dinner or shopping. Some give presents or money.

Today, I went out to look for a gift for my 시부모님 (parents-in-law) and found a lot of beautiful carnation bouquets being sold on the streets and in various shops in Janghyeon.

Last year, I made paper carnation boutonnieres for my parents-in-law and pinned them on their shirts as symbol of respect and gratitude. They wore their carnations to work, and when they came home, the carnations were still on their shirts. ^^

Handmade carnations (Aren’t they pretty? ^^)

Today I bought fresh carnation boutonnieres, and I’m trying to convince my husband to do “the pinning” tomorrow morning.  (I think his parents would be more delighted if he did it this time.^^)

To all moms and dads and parents-to-be… HAPPY PARENTS’ DAY!


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