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How to Make Your Own ‘Crispy Gim’

My husband loves gim (김), Korean laver or seaweed. He prefers it roasted. We usually buy Korean roasted seaweeds in boxes, because those in packs don’t last a week. Last month, Omonim bought bundles of dry unsalted seaweeds, the ones that are not toasted yet. She said they are more delicious than the roasted seaweeds sold in the market or grocery store. She taught me how to season and roast the seaweeds.


To make your own roasted seaweed snack, you will need large sheets of dry unsalted seaweed, salt, sesame oil, a brush and a non-stick pan (or any pan will do).

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There are two ways you can follow. You can spread sesame oil on one side of the seaweed using a brush, and then sprinkle some salt onto it, or you can mix the sesame oil and salt first (like what I did), and spread the mixture evenly on one side of the seaweed. (I mixed the oil and salt, because it’s faster that way.)

Put the pan on medium heat. When it’s hot enough, place the sheet of seaweed on the pan, and pat it with a frying ladle, so that the seaweed roasts thoroughly. You will know that the seaweed is roasted once the color turns light green.



Cut the sheets of roasted seaweed into smaller pieces using a pair of scissors. (It would be hard to use a knife.)



Finally, enjoy your roasted seaweed as a snack or with rice.

I’m telling you, home-made is better, because the 김 is crispier and tastier. Roasted 김 is also a nutritious low-fat snack. A 6 g serving is equivalent to 25 calories, whereas a bag of chips is around 150 to 180 calories. My family, especially my little nephew Dei-dei, loves 김, so every time Khan and I go to the Philippines, we bring a box of roasted seaweeds. Next time, I’m going to bring the dry unsalted ones and teach Mommy how to make delicious ‘crispy gim’. ^^