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Not Chili, Silly!


My father-in-law is a sucker for chili. Our fridge never runs out of chilies, because he eats them as appetizers. Whenever I go to the Philippines, he always asks me to bring him siling labuyo (wild chili). He says he prefers wild chili from the Philippines because they are spicier than Korean chili.

About a week ago, he found what appeared to be small chili peppers outside our apartment. He was so excited that he picked some and ate them as a side dish without consulting me first if they were indeed siling labuyo.

When hubby and I got home and joined his parents for dinner, my father-in-law complained about his harvest: “These chili pepper is not spicy at all. It tastes strange.”

In a bowl, there were some 풋고추 (green chili pepper), which he usually eats with 고추장 (hot pepper paste) and a few pieces of fruit that look like red wild chili from my country. As I don’t eat chili, I didn’t taste them. My husband did. It turns out that they are not chili. We have no idea what they are, but they really look like siling labuyo.

Poor 아버님 (father-in-law)! He was so disappointed, but good thing he wasn’t poisoned.

I know that he has been craving siling labuyo, but I couldn’t bring him some when I got back from vacation.

What do you think these are?


This is how the plant looks like.


This is how Philippine wild chili looks like.

Don’t they look similar?



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