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The “Beondegi” Challenge

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My husband and I brought beondegi to the Philippines. Beondegi (번데기) is a popular snack in South Korea which is made from boiled and seasoned silkworm pupae. It is often sold as street food or anju, a type of side dish eaten with alcohol. It is also sold in cans in grocery stores. Hubby wanted to challenge the men in my family to try it, so we bought two cans of beondegi, beondegi soup and steamed beondegi. I sautéed the beondegi with garlic and very spicy Philippine red chilli, and the family loved it! ^^

My uncles, cousins and my “picky” brother-in-law tried beondegi, though some of them were reluctant at first. Even Mom was curious, so she ate a little. Oh, the look on their faces… PRICELESS! ^^

Next vacation, it will be my husband’s turn. His challenge? Locust or frog, perhaps?

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