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Whee! An Award! ^^ (and 7 Things about the FKWL Couple)

It’s Thursday, and here I am, alone in the house, sitting at the computer, browsing this and that as I wait for the washing machine to finish the laundry for me.

It has been a day of mostly ho-hum net surfing and finishing household chores, but thank God I’ve checked old messages and comments from my blog, and found this one…


a VERSATILE BLOGGER nomination/award from CatPurrology! =)

This post is veeery late, so I owe Sally, the cat protrectress and Slash, her adorable cat, an apology.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Sally. ^^ I am honored to accept the VBA. ^^

One of the rules for the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD (VBA) is to say 7 things about yourself. FROM KOREA WITH LOVE is not just about me, it’s also about my Korean husband and our life together in Korea, so bear with me for a while, dear readers, as I tell you a little about us:

1.) I am obsessive-compulsive. It drives my husband crazy, but he can’t do anything about it. Our clothes in the closet are arranged according to color. The things on our dressers should always be lined up, and if he forgets to put them back in order, I’d torture him with relentless nagging until he fixes them PROPERLY.


2.) I had a dozen Mattel Barbie dolls when I was a little girl, and a huge collection of Barbie clothes made by Mom. Some of the dolls had been given away, but I kept a few of my favorite ones. I played with those dolls until I was a teen. ^^ My husband, on the other hand, played with wooden toy guns made by his father. Now he’s got 2 big toy guns in the storeroom. Perhaps, he’s waiting for a chance to play with them when he’s alone in the house. ^^

3.) Earthworms freak me out. Hubby is afraid of snakes.

4.) We enjoy psychological thrillers and horror films. Every weekend, we download movies and watch them together.


5.) We are pet-lovers. We were just talking about getting a cat, but we can’t seem to agree on who’s going to clean up after our pet.


6.) I am a night owl. I think and write best when the rest of the world is deep in slumber. Most of the posts in my blog are products of my musings at night or late night. My husband works the night shift, so he has become nocturnal, too. (It’s called DSPS syndrome. You may want to read about it if you like to stay up late, too.)


7.) Hubby and I have known each other for 7 years before we got married. He was introduced to me by his twin brother who was my schoolmate in university and my former tutee. (You may want to see our  love story scrapbook.)


Another rule for the VBA is to nominate 15 blogs you follow or visit. Here are my special 15, in no particular order. I’ve also included short descriptions (of why I choose or like these blogs).


1.) Whitehothair (heartwarming thoughts from a very wise woman)

2.) Surviving Korea (a blog that gives useful information about living in Korea)

3.) Loving Korean (a blog that answers questions about Korean men/boyfriends and dating Korean men)

4.) See More Japan (My Home Island Kyushu) (fascinating discoveries about Southern Japan)

5.) Adventuresweseek (a couple’s adventures as they travel around the world)

6.) Impressions of a Princess (a youthful and vibrant blog from a 22-year old bookworm)

7.) Cartoons and Creative Writing (amusing cartoons and wonderful artwork)

8.) Scrapping Wonders (great scrapbooking ideas)

9.) My Korean Corner (for those who would like to study Korean language on their own)

10.) Childhood Relived (very delightful posts about childhood memories)

11.) Russel Ray Photos (photos to wow you)

12.) Runaway Maria (an entrepreneur’s travels and experiences)

13.) Spontaneous Tomato (scrumptious recipes to try)

14.) My Hottie Korean Boyfriend (love between a Taiwanese girl and a Korean)

15.) Camera Shake (a spirited photoblog)

If you are a nominee, it means that you have been awarded the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD. To accept the award, you should do the following:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to his/her blog.
  • Nominate 15 blogs that you follow regularly or have visited recently (the ones that you like and you think are deserving of the award). Of course, you need to inform them that you have nominated them by posting a link to their blog.
  • Tell 7 interesting things about yourself.

Have a lovely Friday, everyone! ^^