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Tagalog Song Used in Lee Min Ho’s Upcoming Movie

I have just watched the teaser trailer of Lee Min Ho’s new movie entitled, “Gangnam Blues”, and was intrigued upon hearing a familiar song from the Philippines being played at the beginning. The song, written by Filipino folk icon Freddie Aguilar, is not just any song, but it became so popular both locally and internationally that it was translated into 26 languages. It’s a song that we, as daughters and sons, can all relate to, because it talks about “us”, our parents and the sacrifices they have to make in raising us. It is said that Aguilar wrote the emotional song to express regret for disobeying his parents and to reconcile with his ailing father

Can you guess what the song is?

Yes, it’s “Anak“.

I can’t be certain if “Anak” is the movie’s theme song or if the lyrics of the song have something to do with the plot, but here’s the synopsis:

In the 1970s, during the height of political corruption, Gangnam, the southern part of Seoul is starting to be transformed into a developed area. Childhood friends Jong-dae and Yong-ki struggle to get by, until their shanty homes are demolished by local thugs. Desperate for cash, they get involved in violent political clashes, and are separated during one of the skirmishes. Three years later, Jong-dae lives as an honest man with former gang leader Kil-su. Meanwhile, Yong-ki has joined Seoul’s most powerful criminal organization, the Myeongdong-pa. As a gangster, Yong-ki is entangled in a high-stakes battle over land in Gangnam, all in the name of putting together secret presidential election funds that drive up the value of the city. As the gangs fight over the rights to various plots of land, Yong-ki is captured and interrogated by a rival gang.

I wonder why they didn’t use the Korean version of “Anak”. Many Koreans are familiar with the song. You can find it in most Korean videokes.


MICA’s First Live Performance on Superstar K6

Photo Source: MICA 미카 - Gollayan/Cercado Sisters

Photo Source: MICA 미카 – Gollayan/Cercado Sisters Facebook page

The sisters are still in! ^^ They got Filipino expats in Korea excited. Facebook walls are mostly about their exhilarating performance tonight. The girls sang “Maria”, original soundtrack of the romantic-comedy “미녀는 괴로워” (200 Pound Beauty). The judges gave them the second highest scores, and mostly positive feedbacks. With two female contenders, Foxstar  (여우별밴드) and Lee Haena (이해나), eliminated from the contest, MICA is the only remaining female finalist. Despite their high scores on tonight’s show, they are still on the 9th spot in the votes. Eliminations in every episode are based on votes, so even if the judges are in favor of them, they need more votes to move on to the grand finals. Well, as the show’s motto puts it, “Real miracles never stop”. MICA has gone this far. They made it to the Top 11 through wild card, and now they are part of the Top 9… let us keep supporting them by voting for them and promoting their group. Hopefully, we can get more votes even from non-Filipinos in Korea.

If you missed MICA’s performance tonight, here is the video uploaded on Youtube by Amazing MICA 미카 Hearts via Mnet.

While Filipinos are happy about MICA’s staying in the competition, some Korean netizens have already flooded Tweeter with negative posts about the group. For a country whose citizens are known for their nationalistic fervor, such reaction is understandable. Perhaps, in the weeks to come (hopefully MICA stays), those who bash these talented Filipino performers might just change their minds.


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