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Pepero Day



Tomorrow is “Pepero Day” in South Korea. Most youngsters will be exchanging Pepero sticks or candies just like what they do on Valentine’s Day or White Day. Some couples, mostly the younger generation, exchange presents, too. My husband and I don’t really celebrate this day. We are too old for this tradition and besides, I’m not crazy about Pepero sticks… but every Pepero Day, I’d joke about him buying me my favorite chocolates instead… ㅋㅋㅋ ^^ (I don’t know what he has in mind tomorrow.)

What is Pepero? Pepero is a chocolate-flavored cookie stick. It is a product of Lotte Confectionary, but nowadays, it is not only Lotte that manufactures Pepero sticks. Pepero sticks have been quite famous since Pepero Day came up. (Hmmn… could it be that Lotte started Pepero Day to get more sales of their Pepero snacks?)

What is Pepero Day? Pepero Day is celebrated on November 11th, simply because 11-11 typifies four Pepero sticks. They say that Pepero Day started in 1994, when a group of girls from Busan exchanged Pepero sticks to wish all of them to be as slim and tall (long) as Pepero sticks, but this is just a story. No one can really tell who or what started  this occasion.

In Japan, there is a similar snack called Pocky. One of my Japanese students told me that they have a day in Japan similar to Pepero Day.

Yesterday, my husband and I took a walk around Janghyeon and we went to the mall for a little grocery shopping. In the mall, shoppers flock the Pepero corner to buy Pepero sticks. Outside, there are various kinds and flavors of Pepero sticks and candies in beautiful gift boxes that are displayed.


Have you bought your Pepero yet?

Happy Pepero Day! ^^

5 thoughts on “Pepero Day

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  2. Yum, yum, yum! ^^

    I like chocolates with almonds and cherries. As for cakes, my fave is Ashley’s cheesecake. Sometimes I crave ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins, but this time I can’t eat too much chocolates and cakes… =(


  3. Not crazy about too many candies either…what forms of chocolate do you like? I especially like chocolate cake, like the “Molten Chocolate Cake” at Chili’s restaurant) or just regular brownies, warm with vanilla ice cream:) Now I’m obsessed with pecan twirls, warmed with Cool Whip on top!


  4. Thank you for dropping by, Ms. Brook. ^^ I am not crazy about candies, but I’m a chocolate monster. ^^


  5. Happy candy:) What is your favorite kind of candy/chocolate? (Love the snazzy fun of this post!)


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