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What I Love about Autumn in SK


Autumn is finally here! I get excited when this season comes. Here are some of the reasons why:

1.) I love the color of nature. Last year, I went to the Cosmos Festival in Guri with my Korean Language teacher and two of her students. The flowers in autumn are as lovely as the blossoms in spring, another season that I can’t wait for.

2.)  I love the weather. The sunny and cool weather in autumn is perfect for a stroll. I like to watch the trees shed their leaves like snow cascading down on me and feel the autumn breeze on my face.

I have taken many long walks along the Han River, but the most memorable one for me was my first autumn in Korea, when my husband and I walked side by side, full of great expectations of what our life together in the Land of the Morning Calm would turn out to be.

3.) I love to spend more time with my husband. In spring and in summer, I don’t get any vacation. In winter, I get at least a three-day vacation from the hagwon, but my husband doesn’t get any break from his work, so I end up spending my winter vacation in “solitary confinement”. Chuseok season means vacation for both of us. Actually, it’s a holiday for most Koreans. Chuseok is a time for Korean families to get together and celebrate Thanksgiving. Some families go to distant provinces to reunite with their relatives, but good thing, my husband’s paternal relatives live nearby. I don’t think I will enjoy Chuseok season as much as I do now if we had to travel far. The traffic on Chuseok is just terrible.

Hubby and I don’t usually go anywhere on Chuseok vacation, but there are so many things we can do in the house that would not bore us to death… like watching movies and cooking our favorite dishes! ^^

Chuseok is not really a no-work vacation for me. A day before Chuseok, I have to go to my husband’s eldest uncle’s house to help prepare the food for the family gathering. Most daughters-in-law in Korea loathe Chuseok holiday, because for them it’s nothing but work work work, but in my case, all I do is to make jeon or wash the dishes.

On my first Chuseok in Korea, Abonim (father-in-law) told me to wear my hanbok. I was the only one wearing a hanbok in the family, besides the children who had to bow to the elders. I was teased. They called me “Miss Korea”. When we finished our first meal (breakfast), I went back home, changed into something more comfortable and returned to eldest uncle’s house. ^^

4.) I love excursions. Every autumn, I either go to the amusement park or attend a festival. Well, I can do it any season, but the weather and my vacation makes it possible for me to enjoy excursions in fall. This year, however, the plan has changed, as I will be coming back to Korea in October, the beginning of winter season.

5.) I love shopping for winter clothes. Last weekend, I went to Lotte Department store to buy a bag for our trip. The fall/winter sale has started. Coats, jackets, sweaters and other fall and winter apparel are sold in unbelievably low prices! Winter clothing can be so expensive, but there’s always sale in autumn. It’s best to buy them earlier, as they get pricier when the weather is starting to get colder.

I remember going to Myeongdong last autumn. I bought some winter shirts and scarfs there… not too expensive. Myeongdong is one of Seoul’s leading shopping districts, which is popular among youngsters and tourists. If you’re thinking of going shopping this fall, why not check it out? To get there, you can take Seoul Subway… Line 4 Myeongdong Station Exit 7. You can view the map on

Autumn is short-lived, but it can be an exciting and meaningful season. How do you plan to spend the remaining days of autumn? Whatever you have in mind, the most important thing is that you are having fun while building wonderful memories with family or friends. ^^

3 thoughts on “What I Love about Autumn in SK

  1. Autumn is my *favorite* season. *Thank you* for asking:)


  2. Thank you, Ms. Brook. ^^ How do you enjoy your autumn there in the US?


  3. Sunny and cool and jumping for joy! You are a beautiful “Miss Korea!” The colors are so happy:) *Thank you* Chris. (Also love autumn!)


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